Laura Brandt

Assistant Professor

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Laura Brandt


Dr. Brandt’s professional training unfolded through theoretical and clinical psychology training at the University of Vienna, a doctoral degree in Applied Medical Science at the Medical University of Vienna and postdoctoral training in transfer and implementation science. Simultaneously, her research has evolved from observational/descriptive accounts of the psychiatric burden as well as gender-specific aspects of addiction to exploring new and improved intervention approaches and simultaneously developing implementation strategies.

Currently, Dr. Brandt is working with the National Institute on Drug Abuse Clinical Trials Network and a team of data scientists to empirically identify and validate surrogate treatment outcomes for opioid use disorder. Using her background in implementation research, she hopes to establish cross-national standards for measuring opioid use disorder treatment response that are useful for researchers and acceptable to patients, clinicians, policy makers and regulatory agencies. Another line of her research involves evaluating implementation and intervention outcomes of overdose prevention practices.


Ph.D. in Applied Medical Science – Mental Health Medical University of Vienna, 2015

M.A. in Psychology University of Vienna, 2011

Courses Taught

V6563: Research & Program Evaluation


For a complete list of peer-reviewed papers please see:

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