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Laura Tres

Faculty and Staff Profiles

Laura Tres

Medical Professor

Harris Hall 306
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Ph.D., 1970, University of Buenos Aires School of Medicine

M.D., 1961, University of Buenos Aires School of Medicine

B.S., 1954, National College, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Research Interests

Her research involves in vitro approaches to determine the molecular mechanism of migration of prespermatogonia (also known as gonocytes) from the center of the testicular cords to the periphery of the cords in infants with cryptorchid testis, the epigenetic reprogramming of spermatogonial stem cells leading to the normal completion of spermatogenesis in infertile patients and the mechanism of meiotic sex chromosome inactivation (MSCI) related to meiotic-derived male infertility.


Peer Reviewed Articles    
Kierszenbaum AL, Rivkin E, Talmor-Cohen A, Shalgi R, Tres LL (2009) Expression of full-length and truncated Fyn tyrosine kinase transcripts and encoded proteins during spermatogenesis and localization during acrosome biogenesis and fertilization. Mol Reprod Dev  (in press).    

Kierszenbaum AL, Rivkin E, Tres LL. (2008) Expression of Fer testis (FerT) tyrosine kinase transcript variants and distribution sites of FerT during the development of the acrosome-acroplaxome-manchette complex in rat spermatids. Dev Dyn 237 :3882-3891.    
Rivkin E, Tres LL, Kierszenbaum AL. (2008) Genomic origin, processing and developmental expression of testicular outer dense fiber 2 (ODF2) transcripts and a novel nucleolar localization of ODF2 protein. Mol Reprod Dev 75:1591-1606.    
Kierszenbaum AL, Rivkin E, Tres LL. (2007) Molecular biology of sperm head shaping. Soc Reprod Suppl.65:33-43.    
Kierszenbaum AL, Rosselot C, Rivkin E, Tres LL. (2006) Role of integrins,tetraspanins, and ADAM proteins during the development of apoptotic bodies by spermatogenic cells. Mol Reprod Dev 73:906-917.    
Tres LL, Kierszenbaum AL (2005).The ADAM-integrin-tetraspanin complex in fetal and postnatal testicular cords. Birth Defects Res C Embryo Today 75:130-141.    
Tres LL (2005). XY chromosomal bivalent: nucleolar attraction. Mol Reprod Dev 72:1-6.    
Kierszenbaum AL, Tres LL (2004) The acrosome-acroplaxome-manchette complex and the shaping of the spermatid head. Arch Hist Cytol 67:271-284.    
Tres LL, Rosselot C, Kierszenbaum AL (2004). Caspase activity inhibition delays programmed spermatogenic cell death in vitro. Arch Hist Cytol 67:315-324.    
Tres LL, Rosselot C, Kierszenbaum AL (2004). Primordial germ cells: what does it take to be alive? Mol Reprod Dev 68:1-4.    
Kierszenbaum AL, Tres LL, Rivkin E, Kang-Decker N, van Deursen JM. (2004). The acroplaxome is the docking site of Golgi-derived myosin Va/Rab27a/b- containing proacrosomal vesicles in wild-type and Hrb mutant mouse spermatids. Biol Reprod. 70:1400-1410.    
Kierszenbaum AL, Rivkin E, Tres LL. The actin-based motor myosin Va is a component of the acroplaxome, an acrosome-nuclear envelope junctional plate, and of manchette-associated vesicles. Cytogenet Genome Res 103:337-344.    
Kierszenbaum AL, Rivkin E, Tres LL (2003). Acroplaxome, an F-actin-keratin-containing plate, anchor the acrosome to the nucleus during shaping of the spermatid head. Mol Biol Cell 14:4628-4640.    
Rosselot C, Kierszenbaum AL, Rivkin E, Tres LL. (2003). Chronological gene expression of ADAMs during testicular development: prespermatogonia (gonocytes) express fertilin b (ADAM2). Dev Dyn 227:458-467.    
Marh J, Tres LL, Yamazaki Y, Yanagimachi R, Kierszenbaum AL. (2003) Mouse round spermatids developed in vitro from pre-existing spermatocytes can produce normal offspring by nuclear injection into in vivo developed mature oocytes. Biol Reprod.. 69:169-176.    
Book Chapters    
Tres, L.L. and Kierszenbaum, A.L. (2009) The molecular landscape of spermatogonial stem cell renewal, meiotic chromosome inactivation and spermatid head shaping. In Reproductive Endocrinology: A Molecular Approach. Ed. P. J. Chedrese, Springer Verlag (in press).

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