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Lisa Durvett

Lisa Durvett's Bio & Duties

Lisa M. Durvett is an Access Specialist at The CUNY School of Medicine in The AccessAbility Center/Student Disability Services (AAC/SDS) at The City College of New York.  She originally started working at AAC/SDS as a College Assistant in October 2013.  Ms. Durvett is a well-rounded professional with an expertise and experience in the area of disability services.  She has volunteered for organizations working with spinal cord injuries as well as the visually impaired/ blind population. Her interests lie in advocacy for all individuals with disabilities and promoting a universal plan for access.  Ms. Durvett graduated from Dowling College with a Bachelor’s degree in Communications. 

 Job Duties:

-Advocate for students with disabilities
-Navigate medical students through the USMLE (United States Medical Licensing Exam) exam accommodation process
-Provide reports on students with disabilities who require prompt individualized accommodation plans for implementation and ways to address their ongoing needs
-Act as a liaison for students with disabilities by connecting them to resources

-Facilitate workshops and trainings pertaining to disability services and health sciences and medical education standards
-Coordinate all accommodations for CUNY School of Medicine students registered with AAC/SDS
-Collecting and evaluating disability documentation for accommodations, removing barriers, and creating equal access