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Marouane Temimi

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Marouane Temimi

Research Associate /Adjunct Professor


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ST 109
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 •  Ph.D. in Engineering  (Hydrology/Remote Sensing)             2002-2005                             

ETS - University of Quebec. Canada

 •  M.Sc. in Civil Engineering  (Urban Hydrology)                     2000-2002

ETS - University of Quebec. Canada

 •  B.Eng. in Civil Engineering (Hydraulics/Hydrology)              1995-2000

ENIT- Tunisia.

Courses Taught

ENGR 59910: Introduction to Geographic Information Systems

Research Interests

Dr. Temimi’s research interests cover the determination of land surface parameters from space using satellite imagery. He is particularly interested in soil moisture, vegetation parameters and land emissivity as well as the integration of these parameters in studying changes in hydraulic and hydrological processes. Dr. Temimi has worked also on the modeling of drainage systems in urban watershed for an optimal management of water quality and quantity.



 ·        Marouane Temimi, Teodosio Lacava, Tarendra Lakhankar, Trumatoli Valerio, Hosni Ghedira, Riadh Ata, Reza Khanbilvardi. (2011). A multi-temporal analysis of AMSR-E data for flood and discharge monitoring during the 2008 flood in Iowa. Hydrological Processes. Hydrological Processes. 25, 2623–2634 (2011).

 ·        Krakauer Nir, Marouane Temimi, Stream recession curves and storage variability in small watersheds. (2011). Hydrology and Earth System Science. 15, 2377–2389, 2011. doi:10.5194/hess-15-2377-2011.

 ·        Naira Chaouch, Marouane Temimi, Scott Hagen, John Weishampel and Reza Khanbilvardi. A synergetic use of satellite imagery from SAR and optical sensors to improve coastal flood mapping in the Gulf of Mexico. Hydrological Processes.  (Accepted, in press).

 ·        Marouane Temimi, Peter Romanov, Hosni Ghedira, Reza Khanbilvardi and Kim Smith. An automated approach for determining sea-ice concentration for the future GOES-R ABI sensor. (2011). International Journal of remote Sensing. Vol. 32, No. 6. Page: 1575–1593. DOI: 10.1080/01431160903578820.

 ·        Temimi, M., R. Leconte, N. Chaouch, Sukumal P., Khanbilvardi R., Brissette F. (2010). A combination of remote sensing data and topographic attributes for the spatial and temporal monitoring of soil wetness. Journal of Hydrology. Vol. 388. Issue: 1-2. Pages: 28-40.

 ·        Temimi, M., R. Leconte, F. Brissette, N. Chaouch. (2007). Flood and Soil Wetness Monitoring Over the Mackenzie River Basin Using AMSR-E 37 GHz Brightness Temperature. Journal of Hydrology. Vol. 333 (2). p. 317.

 ·         Temimi, M., R. Leconte, F. Brissette, N. Chaouch. (2007). A Dynamic Estimation of Free Water Surface Coverage From a Basin Wetness Index of the Mackenzie River Basin Using SSM/I Measurements. Canadian Journal of Remote Sensing. Vol. 33 (2). p 1-9

 ·  Temimi, M., R. Leconte, F. Brissette, N. Chaouch (2005). Near Real Time Flood Monitoring Over The Mackenzie River Basin Using Passive Microwave Data. Remote Sensing of Environment. Vol. 98. 344-355.

 ·        Temimi, M. & S. Bennis (2002). Real-time forecasting of pollutant loads in sewer network. Journal of Water Science. Vol.15 (3) :661-675.

 ·        Lakhankar T., Ghedira H., Temimi M., Azar A. E., Khanbilvardi R. (2009) Effect of Land Cover Heterogeneity on Soil Moisture Retrieval Using Active Microwave Remote Sensing Data. Remote Sensing. Vol.1(2) pages 80-91.

·       Lakhankar T., Ghedira H., Temimi M., Sengupta M., Khanbilvardi R., Blake R. (2009) Non-parametric Methods for Soil Moisture Retrieval from Satellite Remote Sensing Data. Remote Sensing. Vol. 1(1), pages 3-21.


      As Author:

Robert Leconte, Marouane Temimi, Naira Chaouch, François Brissette, Thibault Toussaint.Cold Region Atmospheric and Hydrologic Studies, The Mackenzie GEWEX Experience (2008). Vol. 2. Chapter 4. ISBN 978-3-540-74927-1. Springer.

     As Scientific Reviewer

 Hydraulics and Hydrology (Hydraulique et hydrologie). Saad Bennis. Université du Québec, École de technologie Supérieure. 2003.

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