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Maurizio Trevisan

Faculty and Staff Profiles

Maurizio Trevisan

Dean, Medical Professor

Harris Hall 107
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Since 2007, Dr. Trevisan has led the Health Sciences System, a statewide collaboration of Nevada higher education health sciences and professional programs.  The system, which includes eight different colleges and universities across the state, focuses on coordinating these institutions' efforts to train and retain physicians and other health care professionals to practice in Nevada.  

Prior to moving to Nevada, Dr. Trevisan served as professor in the Department of Social and Preventive Medicine at SUNY University at Buffalo and founding dean of the School of Public Health and Health Professions.  He joined SUNY Buffalo in 1985 as an assistant professor and since 2007 has held the title SUNY distinguished professor emeritus.

As a researcher, he has authored more than 250 publications, which have appeared in such high-impact journals as the "Journal of the American Medical Association," "Annals of Internal Medicine" and "The New England Journal of Medicine."  He has extensive experience directing and conducting multi-center and international collaborative studies, as well.


M.S., 1989, State University of New York at Buffalo

M.D., 1977, University of Naples Medical School, Italy

Research Interests

Dr. Trevisan's research interests focus on the role of lifestyle and metabolic factors in the etiology and prevention of cardiovascular disease, with a special focus on the role of diet and alcohol use.  More recently, he has focused on the relationship between oral and systemic health, such as ties between periodontal disease and cardiovascular disease and the role of infection and inflammation.


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