Pamela Laskin

Lecturer, Poetry Outreach Program

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Pamela Laskin


Pamela L. Laskin is a poet and children's book author, with countless publications. She is the editor of two anthologies, LIFE ON THE MOON: MY BEST FRIEND'S SECRETS (Linus Publications,  2009), YA fiction and THE HEROIC YOUNG WOMAN, original feminist fairy tales  (Clique Calm, 2006). She is the author of two young adult novels, RONIT and JAMIL(Harper Collins, 2017) and WHY NO GOODBYE (Leapfrog Press, 2019), winner of the International Fiction Prize.


MA, SUNY Binghamton, 1981

Courses Taught

Children's Writing, Graduate and Undergraduate

Creative Writing, Beginning and Intermediate


RONIT AND JAMIL Harper Collins February 2017

WHY NO GOODBYE, Leapfrog Press, 2019, winner of the International Fiction Prize

It’s All About Shoes, Women and Their Relationship to Shoes (Plain View Press, 2015) edited anthology
Homer the Little Stray Cat (Little Balloon Press, 2014) Children's Book
The Bonsai Curator (Cervena Barva Press, 2013) Poems


AWP, 2017, 2019, 2020, Trauma and Silenced Voices in Young Adult Literature, Moderator
Featured guest poet, Austin Poetry Society, 2015. Panel presentation: Fractured and Feminist Fairy Tales
Art, Politics and Transformation with Poet Elana Bell, City College, April, 2015
Shakespeare Celebration: Scholarly presentation of RONIT AND JAMIL, April, 2016

"Lost;" "Lost Boy;" "Awakenings." BIGCITY, 2015
"Sudanese Civil War." RIVERUN, spring, 2015
"Glacier Walk;" "Survival." FRONT RANGE REVIEW, spring, 2015
"Disappearances." CONTRAPASSO,  winter, 2015
"The Land Fill Harmonic" COLERE, winter, 2014