Richard Paino

Lecturer, Applied Psychology

Academic Advising Internship Program Management

Main Affiliation


Areas of Expertise/Research

  • Career Management
  • Industrial and Organizational Psychology
  • Organizational Behavior


North Academic Center


NAC 8/119



Rich Paino

Richard Paino


Richard Paino holds a doctorate in Psychology with a concentration in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. He is a lecturer of applied psychology at the Colin Powell School for Civic and Global Leadership. His specializations are workplace behavior, leadership, job-fit, and career management. Rich's research interest is the relationship between a person's distinguishing characteristics and his or her work (career self-congruence). His professional experience comes from the business environment where he has undertaken consulting and staff engagements in several industries including, pharmaceuticals, information technology, construction, law, finance, mining, telecommunications, food, energy, and education. Rich holds five certifications and he speaks regularly on topics related to career and the workplace. He previously taught at Fairleigh Dickinson University, Pillar College, and Sussex County Community College.

Courses Taught

  • Career Building
  • Theories of Leadership
  • Psychology Applied to Work (Industrial/Organizational Psychology)
  • Behavior in Organizations (undergraduate & graduate)
  • Project Management
  • Team Dynamics
  • Ethics in Leadership
  • Market Research & Statistics
  • Introduction to Psychology
  • Goals, Priorities & Attitudes
  • College Foundations for Success
  • Microsoft Office Applications


  • Certified Professional Career Coach (CPCC)™
  • Certified Professional Résumé Writer (CPRW)™
  • Certified Employment Interview Professional (CEIP)™
  • Certified DISCStyles™ Communication Consultant (CDCC)
  • Myers-Briggs® Certified Practitioner

Core Competencies


Career Management    
Career Coaching Résumé Writing Job Interview Preparation
Cover Letter Composition Personality Assessment Profile Development
Consulting Project Management Corporate Training
Business Analysis Operations Management Needs Analysis
Writing User Guides Public Speaking Systems Deployment
Instructional Design Graduate & Undergraduate Teaching Academic Advising
Internship Coordination Program Development Career Planning


Subject Matter Engagement

The following list describes all of the business subject areas in which I have designed and delivered systems and technology solutions:

- Cloud Based Digital Asset Management
- Quantitative Analysis of Assessment Data
- Patient/Nurse Contact Center
- International Data Warehouse
- Customer Master Data Management
- Prescriptions & Sales Data Management
- Sales Force Materials Requisitioning
- Legal Department Sales Expense Monitoring
- Technical Systems Support - Cardiovascular, Global Operations, Finance
- Radiation Management System
- Injury and Incident Reporting
- Laboratory Tours
- Pharmaceutical Waste Pickup Tracking
- Data Integration and Analysis
- Auto Generation of Descriptive Statistics
- Phenotype Assessment
- Purchase Approval
- Technical Administration of Learning Management System (LMS)
- Global Site Planning
- Data Migration
- Contact Management
- Project Tracking & Reporting
- Language Translation
- Document Export & Retrieval
- Project Management Intranet Site Administration
- Public Relations Management
- Human Resources Competency Management
- Information Notices Management & Reporting
- Event Scheduling
- Project Management Computer Based Training Model
- eLearning - Web Development Training Program
- New Business Process for Recruiting Branch Operations
- National Software Training Program
- Training: Computer Application Use
- National Deployment of Email System and Server Infrastructure
- Email and Application Server Administration & Infrastructure Management
- Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) Tracking
- Change Management Tracking
- Telephone Sales Tracking
- Training - Server Administration
- Pharmaceutical Sales Data Analysis
- Executive Information System (EIS)
- Litigation Tracking
- Mean Time Between Instrument Failures
- Financial and Cost Evaluation
- Configuration Control

Employment Roles

The following list shows all of the job roles that I had the pleasure of engaging in since I began working:

- Career Coach

- Résumé Writer

- Academic Advisor

- Internship Coordinator

- University Lecturer

- Motivational Speaker

- Adjunct Instructor

- Instructional Designer

- Project Manager

- Corporate Trainer

- Software Tester

- Documentation Writer

- IT Systems Analyst

- IT Business Analyst

- IT Server Administrator

- Systems Consultant

- Software Designer & Developer

- Computer Programmer

- Commercial Construction Project Manager

- Commercial Construction Laborer

- Aircraft Mechanic & Crew Chief (U.S.A.F.)

- Retail Sales Associate

- Vehicle Mechanic

- Warehouse Forklift Operator

- Short Order Cook

- Stock Clerk

- Taxi Driver

- Farm Hand