Ronald Birke


Main Affiliation

Chemistry and Biochemistry


Marshak Science Building







Ronald Birke


B.S., University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill), 1961

Ph. D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1965

Post Doctoral, University of Brussels, Belgium, 1965-66

Courses Taught

General Chemistry I : CHEM 10301

General Chemistry II : CHEM 10401

Physical Chemistry 1 : CHEM 33000

Physical Chemistry & Chemical Instrumentation CHEM:43400

Professional Experience

Professor, 1981 - present, The City College of CUNY

Associate Professor, 1974 - 1980, City College of CUNY

Associate Professor, 1972-74, University of South Florida

Assistant Professor, 1969-72, University of South Florida

Instructor, 1966-69, Harvard University

Research Interest

Electrochemistry: Electrode and homogeneous redox processes of

Vitamin B12 and porphyrins compounds . Reactions of NO with vitamin B12

compounds. Electron Transfer in biological systems.

Raman Spectroscopy : Surface Enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS):

vibrational spectroscopy of organic and biological molecules on surfaces.

Theoretical Chemistry: Ab Initio Electronic Structure Calculations of Molecules on

Surfaces and at Active Sites in Redox Enzymes.

Additional Information

Professional Membership:

Electrochemical Society, American Chemical Society, American Association for

Advancement of Science, Biophysical Society, New York Academy of Science, SEAC,

Sigma Xi.

Honors and Listings:

Alpha Chi Sigma Award, (UNC, 1958); NSF Undergraduate Research Program

(UNC,1960); Monsanto Fellowship in Chemistry (MIT,1964); Society of Sigma Xi

(1964); Belgium-American Educational Foundation Advanced Fellow (1966). Who's

Who in the East, 18th Ed., 1980. American Men and Women of Science, AA-C, Vol. 1,

16th Ed., 1986.

Grant Awards


Publications: last 10 years (98 in all)

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