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Master's in Public Administration


Scholarship recipients

MPA students have access to different internal sources of funding which include Changemaker Scholarships, tuition assistance, and paid summer internships. The MPA program also assists students in understanding and identifying external sources of funding from the college, the government, and the Colin Powell School. Visit the Financial Aid Office for other options.

Internal Sources of Funding

Changemaker Scholarships

The MPA program offers three Changemaker Scholarships: Management, Research, and Social Innovation. Depending on the student’s interest and approach to making a difference in the world, participants have the option to enroll in one of the three scholarship programs per semester. Students may take action by joining a public or social impact organization, by supporting research to advance solutions to social issues, or by exploring the world of social innovation and entrepreneurship to create lasting social change.

Through the Changemaker Scholarships, students gain real-world experience while applying and strengthening their creativity, problem solving, and leadership skills.

Scholarships provide a $3,000 stipend each semester and are available to:

  • Full-time MPA students with a GPA of 3.0 or more
  • Students who successfully complete their first semester of graduate studies, including the required Changemaker Development Program activities
  • Students who commit 12-15 hours per week to their internship, research project or social innovation seminar

Fall 2018 applications are now closed. Spring 2019 applications will open in early December.


Participants find a semester-long internship with a nonprofit organization, social enterprise, or government agency and provide management support on their selected role. As changemakers, students are expected to demonstrate initiative to help organizations achieve their mission and more fully realize their potential of creating social impact. 

This is an excellent opportunity to acquire management experience and explore career interests across sectors and roles. Students will also benefit from networking, mentoring, and other professional development opportunities. Some public service managers may earn internships in the MPA office as communication, assessment, or program interns.


Students join research projects designed to inform leaders and policy-makers about sustainable solutions to enduring social and environmental problems around the world. Participants find semester appointments as research assistants, and commit to support a specific research project for an organization or for a CUNY faculty member. Tasks may include collection and management of data, literature review, survey development, and lab management. Students must have earned at least an A- in the first semester's quantitative methods class.

Social impact researchers will benefit from improving their technical skills in a realistic setting outside the classroom and substantially grow their knowledge of an issue topic. This is an outstanding opportunity for building mentoring relationships with faculty members, attending talks and conferences, and contributing to knowledge for meaningful and sustainable social change.

Social Innovation

This year-long unique opportunity celebrates self-starters and creative thinkers. It is designed to immerse students in the world of social innovation and social entrepreneurship, while developing leadership skills, creative confidence, and an entrepreneurial mindset. In partnership with City College’s Zahn Innovation Center, it provides access to a network of renowned social entrepreneurs, impact investors, experienced mentors, study abroad opportunities, and the latest methodology for achieving social impact

Students participate in an exclusive seminar that prepares them to look critically at the roots of social problems and unveil strategies to create systematic changes that will add social and economic value. Through curated readings, enriching discussions, and fieldwork, participants use solution-oriented thinking to understand how to transform existing inefficient structures and create new models of social change.

Besides fulfilling the seminar requirements, social innovators are required to complete the MPA social entrepreneurship track, which grants academic credit. Students who wish to pursue their social impact idea can choose to participate in the Zahn Innovation Center's competition for up to $30,000 in funding, and might have the opportunity to work on their new venture as their MPA capstone project.

Tuition Assistance

A limited number of MPA students may receive tuition assistance based on need, academic standing, commitment to public service, accomplishments, and other considerations. The program considers students for support upon admission to the program. All students get consideration and an equal chance of support. No other application is necessary. An application for admission is your application for financial support. Awards are announced with the letter of acceptance to the program. Students must be full time and maintain a 3.0 GPA.

Paid Summer Internships

MPA students are required to complete a 400-hour summer internship in a public service organization. Students receive stipends of $3,000 and three graduate credits. Students who complete their internship in Washington, D.C. also receive free housing. Students may work for a non-profit organization,  government agency, or social enterprise and perform management-level work.

Aside from the required internship, students may receive stipends for part-time, non-credit internships. See the internships page for more details.

External Sources of Funding

Financial aid, scholarships, loans, and other funding are also available from the Colin Powell School, City College, CUNY, local and state government, and private organizations. 

Teaching Assistant Opportunities

The Colin Powell School offers a limited amount of teaching assistant positions for matriculated graduate students to serve in different social science departments. MPA students interested in a TA position should speak with the program staff in Shepard 1. 

Local and National Fellowships

The MPA program’s career services page has links to information about local and national scholarships and fellowships. MPA staff is available to help you with your applications.

Other Resources

Contact CCNY's Financial Aid Office to learn about other financial resources available to CCNY students.


For questions on Changemaker Scholarships, internal funding, and external funding, please contact:

Salome Gvinianidze
Student Programs and Financial Aid Manager
212 650-7357