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Curriculum Tracks

Public Service Management - The MPA Program at CCNY

Curriculum Tracks

collage10MPA career tracks allow students to customize their academic program based on career goals and interests.  The tracks are interdisciplinary and focus on building skill and ability in specific areas of public service work.

The tracks require students to select their two electives from specific courses chosen by faculty and experts. The electives build on MPA courses, so that together with carefully selected internships, course activity, and capstone projects, students build significant expertise in various functions.

Students wishing to follow a track MUST get approval from Deputy Director Adriana Espinosa.  The MPA program currently offers two options.

Public Policy and Research
This track is for students interested in policy analysis, research, and program evaluation.  This track would be most suitable for those interested in careers in consulting, policy advising, government oversight, advocacy, national political advising, or budget and economic analysis.  

The track is offered in partnership with the Colin Powell School's Department of Economics.  Students build on MPA courses in program evaluation and quantitative methods and acquire deeper knowledge of techniques of quantitative analysis by using their electives to take:

Economics B2000:  Statistics and Econometrics
Economics B2001:  Fundamentals of Empirical Research
Students have the option of completing a workshop in SPSS

Communication and Public Relations
This track is for students wishing more in-depth skill using the methods and techniques of communications to advance an organization's mission.  This would be ideal for those interested in fund raising, training, international negotiations, consulting, human rights, advocacy, and political campaign work, among others.

The track is offered in partnership with CCNY's Department of Media and Communication Arts.  To complete this track, students must select their electives from among the following courses.

Media and Communication B3001:  Relationship Building
Media and Communication B3002:  Consumer Behavior and Persuasion
Media and Communication B3003:  Internal Management
Media and Communication B3022:  Branding Issues and Intangibles