Applied Psychology Internship: ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ Human Factors

Gain Experience / Training in:

The intern will work within an Operations Department which handles all preparations for rocket engine ground tests and rocket launches within the state of New York and in New Mexico during the yearly participation at Spaceport America Cup (SAC).

More generally, the intern will learn how to function within a multifaceted, student-run organization comprised of many non-engineering students.

Specifically, the intern will be assigned to the Launch Operations' Human Factors Group which works with a project that develops:

  • Graphic User Interfaces
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Emergency Procedures

These will be used by Operating Engineers during the first ground test of Project Aries' G-3 rocket engine.

Desired Abilities & Experience:
  1. Time commitment. The intern will being working in an operational group assisting an active engineering project. They must be able to commit 10 hours a week at minimum, and be able to be frequently physically present on campus.

  2. Creativity. Launch Operations is collegiate rocketry's first dedicated operations department, and Human Factors Group is the first of its kind in collegiate rocketry as well. The intern must be willing to think originally and apply what they learn into the real world quickly.

  3. Personal Initiative. The intern is not expected initially to have any of background needed to function in the HLA. Nor is it expected they will have much background in human factors research in general. They must be willing and able to learn quickly and be outside of their comfort zone.

  4. Communication skills. The HLA is an entirely student-run organization made up of many majors and many backgrounds. Working in a multifaceted group such as the HLA requires effective communication and listening skills.
Responsibilities / Learning Objectives:
  1. The intern will become familiar with literature on the role human factors and procedures play within many industries at reducing risk and increasing operational efficiency.

  2. They will visit a Consolidated Edison power plant to learn firsthand how an emphasis on human factors, work planning and a commitment to a zero-harm work place have had a dramatic effect on safety and operational excellence.

  3. They will learn project operations; how to function in a multifaceted organization that requires cooperation and communication.

If you are interested in this internship, contact Dr. Richard Paino ( ) and (reference HLA-2)