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Rangel Archives

Charles B. Rangel Center for Public Service

Rangel Archives

The Rangel Center supports an archive of important documents pertaining to the public service careers of members of groups underrepresented in many aspects of public service.  The core of the collection will be the Congressional papers and other materials donated by Congressman Charles B. Rangel. The archives will serve as a resource for students, faculty and scholars interested advancing research on US politics in general, as well as on the particular topic of diversity in US public service. 

The Center is in the midst of a two-year effort to archive, preserve, and make available to the public thousands of letters, photographs, articles, awards, speeches and other material from Congressman Rangel’s 46-year career.  The processing and preservation of the collection is under the direction of the Winthrop Group, a leading archival consulting firm that ranks among its clients The City of Seattle, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Lincoln Center, and Representative Peter Rodino.

Processing of the collection is expected to be completed by the summer of 2018.  At that time, material will be available in-person through the college library’s archives division, with some material available in electronic form by means of an online portal.  Limited access before then may be arranged by contacting Sidney Van Nort, City College Archivist,