Research Development

Our Mission

The mission of Research Development (RD) is to help expanding the research portfolio, seeking external funding opportunities, facilitating research team development, training researchers with modern tools, and assisting research teams in proposal development. We provide the research community at CCNY with a set of strategic and capacity-building services. Meanwhile, RD is also responsible in facilitating internal competition and selection process for limited submission opportunities. RD staff comprise of personnel with strong research and grant application experiences, understanding the needs from a researcher's perspective and well-versed with federal and state grant management guidelines.

Our Services

At RD, we can help you to

  • Find Funding -- Using Funding Search Engines CUNY provides the following search engines to identify funding opportunities that are relevant to your research interests. We can assist you setting up your research profile in these tools to receive automatic alerts at a regular interval. These search engines allow you to search through opportunities available from the federal, state, or local government agencies, as well as opportunities from private foundations and industry.
  • Team Building -- Research efforts today often involve an interdisciplinary team of researchers in the discovery and advancement of our knowledge. With a holistic understanding of the campus research capabilities, and information about extramural collaborations, RD will work with you to brainstorm research ideas, expand research horizons, and assist you to get connected with excellent researchers on campus or outside the campus premises. 
  • Proposal Development - Either you are a new researcher who needs guidance in developing a funding application, or a well-established researcher who needs administrative assistance in developing large proposals, RD staff is here to provide proposal development services. Please contact our office to discuss.
  • Tools Training -- Should it be a research tool used on campus, at CUNY, or at RFCUNY, RD staff will provide you with individual or group training on these tools to increase your research productivity.


Upcoming Research Events

None scheduled in July 2023

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