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Clinical Medicine Course Descriptions

Sophie Davis Biomedical Education/CUNY School of Medicine

Clinical Medicine Course Descriptions

·         MED 36500
Third Year Longitudinal Clinical Experience: Introduction to Primary Care I

Fall, 3rd Year/.5 credits

15 field work hours and 4 recitation hours per semester

Prerequisite: MED 23400

·         MED 36600
Third Year Longitudinal Clinical Experience: Introduction to Primary Care II

Spring, 3rd Year/.5 credits

15 field work hours and 6 recitation hours per semester

Course Director: Rosa Lee, M.D.

The course will be a longitudinal clinical experience in primary care for third year students. Students will participate in clinical care sessions with a primary care physician preceptor in the community.


·         MED 42700
Patient-Doctor Sequence I

Fall, 4th Year/ 1 credit

5 hours per week (15 hours per semester)

·         MED 42800
Patient-Doctor Sequence II

Spring, 4th Year/ 3 credits

5 hours per week (100 hours per semester). Duration: 20 weeks

Course Director:Darwin Deen, M.D.

The Patient-Doctor Sequences I and II are two consecutive longitudinal clinically oriented academic sequences designed to meet the needs of the fourth-year students. Patient-Doctor Sequences I and II enable the students to acquire, integrate, and properly apply knowledge for, and develop the skills and attitudes to engage in basic cardiac life support, effective patient-centered medical interviewing through the study of all aspects of the doctor-patient relationship, review of systems, and medical decision making within an introduction to primary care practice. The experience is structured to enhance students’ familiarity with the multiple facets of primary care medicine. Rotation at partner Community Health Centers under the supervision of community-based primary care physicians will encourage students to hone their diagnostic skills become familiar with community-based medical practices, and develop role-model relationships with primary care physicians. Patient-Doctor Sequences I and II rely on the following didactic components: Interactive lectures, small group learning formats, videotape-based sessions, role-playing tutorials, standardized patient tutorials, and medical interviewing practice seminars. Summative and formative evaluation will consist of written clinical essays, and Group Objective Structured Clinical Examinations.


·         MED 52902
Introduction to Clinical Medicine I (Step 11)

Fall, 5th Year/5 credits

5 hours per week (70 hours per semester)

Duration: 14 weeks

·         MED 53003
Introduction to Clinical Medicine II

Spring, 5th Year/6 credits

8 hours per week (88 hours per semester)

Duration: 11 weeks

Course Coordinator: Deian Alert

Course Director: Rosa Lee, M.D.

This course (MED 52902 and 53003) is designed to build upon students' knowledge of the basic sciences and prepare them for the clinical clerkship in medicine. The course integrates pathophysiology with clinical medicine, and is taught using case studies.

Topics include cardiology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, gerontology, hematology, immunology, infectious diseases, medical genetics, nephrology, nutritional aspects of diseases, obstetrics and gynecology, oncology, pulmonary medicine, and rheumatology.


·         MED 54900
Physical Diagnosis I

Fall, 5th Year/.5 credits

1 hour per week

Prerequisite: None

·         MED 55000
Physical Diagnosis II

Spring, 5th Year/4 credits

4 hours per week

Prerequisite: MED 54900

Course Coordinator: Natasha Thomas

Course Director: Rosa Lee, M.D. & Darwin Deen, M.D.

This course instructs the student in the art and technique of the patient interview and physical examination through a lecture series, a smaller group tutorial segment, and actual bedside patient examinations.