SSSP sponsors three major events during the academic year:

A Cultural Diversity Program  that acknowledges the rich cultural diversity among the students. The students unite to celebrate their backgrounds, talents and interests. The program brings lower division and entering students to the forefront through presentation of talents, pride in cultural origins, performance and public speaking. It allows students to broaden their horizon about cultures and traditions and raises an appreciation of diverse cultures and shared values. Students develop an interest in art, music, dance, poetry, literature and history. The event is held in early December.  
A Scholars Showcase, in which our students present outstanding academic and creative research projects from across the disciplines. Poster presentations of scholarly works are displayed for discussion and evaluation by both students and faculty.  The event is held in mid-March.  
An Awards Ceremony that recognizes the academic, leadership and service achievements of the students. Students receive cash awards from the divisions. The event allows students to see a broader picture of their progression and future education and develops an inner motivation to strive for excellence and achievement. It also brings an awareness of outstanding students for the college community to recognize and provide further opportunities for success.