Scholars Showcase

Every year in mid March SSSP hosts a poster presentation event called the Scholars Showcase.  Because of the unusual circumstances surrounding the COVID-19, SSSP held a virtual Scholar Showcase on Thursday, April 16  over the Zoom Platform. To view the presentations on line, the video is available on you-tube at

This event,  we also call "a gathering of inquisitive minds," is an ideal platform for young scholars looking to share their academic research, class project and /or study abroad or internship program, and gain  confidence in public speaking.  If you know early in your college career that, as a junior or senior, you will be looking to present at scholastic conferences, then the Scholars Showcase is a great test site for your presentation skills.  If you are an upper division student and have never presented research publicly, our showcase allows you to have that experience before leaving college.

  Our poster presentation event stands out from others by being open to presentations from across the curriuulum, from STEM to social science to humanities and the arts.  Many presenters create their own posters from scratch with the help of guidance, resources and workspace provided by SSSP.  All CCNY faculty and students are welcome.  The presenters do not make speeches to a captive room, but make their explanations organically whenever people gather around their posters.  The event takes place during club hours on a Thursday in the NAC Ballroom. During the academic year, the library generously hosts research sessions exclusively for SSSP students, who may follow our presenters planner to keep themselves on track.  The basic idea is that the research a student would do anyway for a course or creative project in the fall semester can be crystallized into a poster and synopsis by the middle of spring.

Here are some comments from faculty and students that were submitted last year; 

 "Poster presentations were very good. I learnt a lot from students. Display of boards was excellent"

"I believe it was a great event. The space was suitable and spacious. I learned a lot about how creative our students are."

"   all the posters were well presented and gave very interesting informative details to spark new exciting questions"

"Students were awesome. I enjoyed the science based and architecture projects'

"Once again, good job overall on the showcase, so keep up the good work!"

" I loved the showcase and I found certain projects extremely interesting"

" Honestly everyone was very excited to present their information. I love how different things were incorporated such as culture, research and even study abroad activities"

" Overall I thinks the showcase is pretty good...I can see scholars gain a lot from being in this program. I wish there were more presentations"

A sample of images of topics and posters presented at the Scholar Showcase held on March 2019, is given below. You can also click on the link

To commit early and reserve a space in this year's presenters lineup, please complete a Scholars Showcase Commitment Webform