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Frequently Asked Questions

Strategic Plan

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are we engaged in a strategic planning process?

CCNY is undergoing a comprehensive review of its vision and strategic focus in an effort to align its current strategies and initiatives with a modern and dynamic plan for the future. The strategic plan will provide a clear path for activities and initiatives taking place on campus, and is intended to provide a clear outline of objectives for each activity and a unified vision of where CCNY is heading.

What is the goal of this process?

The goal of this process is for the College to answer the following questions:

  • Where are we today?
  • Where do we want to be?
  • How will we get there?
  • How do we measure progress?

How long will the strategic planning process take?

Developing a thoughtful and comprehensive strategic plan is not a quick process. The College wants to ensure thorough and inclusive feedback from the campus community is received throughout the process. Four committees were formed, comprised of a broad spectrum of faculty, administrators and staff, and met on a bi-weekly basis to focus on their charges. These committees, described in depth elsewhere on this site, are: Academic Prosperity, Culture of Excellence, Financial Health and Student Success. Additionally, two senior-level committees encompassing administrators, deans, faculty leadership, students, and civic community perspectives were formed to review progress and recommendations. The initiative began in early spring of 2013 and has an anticipated completion of spring 2015.

What is each campus committee focused on?

The Academic Prosperity team is developing a blueprint for a dynamic academic planning process and creating multidisciplinary scholarship and research across the campus. Culture of Excellence is aimed at enhancing the quality of life and creating a culture with a drive for excellence throughout City College. Financial Health is targeting a detailed series of action steps to gain efficiencies in our operations and implement creative strategies to generate new revenue streams to support the future visions and strategic plan of the college. Student Success is focusing on a multifaceted approach for strengthening support of City College students and improving student outcomes.

Will I have the opportunity to provide feedback?

The planning process was developed to be collaborative and inclusive, and to ensure meaningful and extensive engagement and involvement of the campus community. The strategic planning committees will be using a variety of methods to collect feedback and engage the campus community. Focus groups, town hall meetings, etc. will be advertised on this website. In addition, comments can be received through this website under the Feedback tab.

Can my website comments be anonymous?

Comments are confidential and will remain anonymous if that is your choice. Names will not be collected or disclosed to any of the committee members unless you fill in your contact information.

Will my comments be answered personally?

Each comment will be read carefully and the appropriate committee will give it thoughtful consideration in the strategic planning analysis. However, specific comments will not be answered directly.

Who can submit comments to the website?

Anyone who visits this website will have the ability to submit comments.

How will the ideas and comments received, either through this website or through other avenues, be incorporated into the planning process?

Ideas and comments received from the campus community will be reviewed regularly by the strategic planning committees. They will be used to identify the major topics and issues that matter the most to the campus community and our partners and will ensure these are appropriately addressed in the strategic plan.