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Winter Program | Oaxaca, Mexico

Study Abroad Programs at City College

Winter Program | Oaxaca, Mexico


Winter 2019

Course Dates:

Oaxaca Dates: January 6-20, 2019

Two days at CCNY: December 15, 2018 (10am-4pm) and January 25, 2019 (5-9pm)

Instructors: Tatyana Kleyn


Description: Mexicans are the fastest growing group of immigrants in NYC. Become more informed about issues of diversity through a comparative US-Mexico lens. You will visit elementary and secondary schools and speak with educators, students, and families. You will tour indigenous communities to learn about the local languages, customs and practices, artistic traditions and school-going experiences of students. You will explore Monte Alban ruins that are central to Oaxaca's history. These learning opportunities, along with the experience of living with a Mexican family, will prepare you to work with students in your (future) classroom!

Open to all CUNY graduate students and upper level undergraduates
*Spanish Proficiency Required*

Before you go check the helpful links below:       

Center for Disease Control- Check for any travel notices.

U.S. Department of State International Travel- Learn more about your destination.

Consulate General of Mexico- Not sure if you need a visa? Check here.


Important Dates (mandatory meetings):

- Deadline for all Application Materials: October 12, 2018
- Interview with Study Abroad: October 23, and November 2, 2018 
- Pre-Departure Orientation: December 14, 2018
- Deadline for payment of Program costs and CUNY-Tuition: Friday, November 30, 2018

Costs: (Scholarships Available) 

CUNY Tuition: 3 graduate credits

Application fee: $300

*Program Cost: $850

Airfare: $700 (Estimated)


*Program cost includes lodging, meals, and transportation within Mexico.