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Test Schedule

Evaluation and Testing

Test Schedule

The Office of Evaluation and Testing automatically invites all students who are accepted to City College and required to take one or more of the CUNY Assessment Tests for admission or for placement into appropriate courses.
If you are unable to honor your testing appointment, please contact the office of Evaluation and Testing to be rescheduled for the next available test date. If you are outside of the New York City metropolitan area, you can also contact our office if you wish to request a specific date from our testing schedule.

Please note we will not automatically reschedule your examination. You must contact the Office of Evaluation and Testing by phone at 212 650 6488 to request an appointment. 

All new students - whether or not they are math proficient are require to take the placement portion of the CUNY Assessment Test in Mathematics (Math 3). Test results will be used to place you in the appropriate mathematics course.

 Fall 2016 Schedule:

Steps to schedule or reschedule the CUNY Assessment Tests (CATs)

  • From the testing calendar above, please choose the month you will like to take your test.
  • Please choose the type of test(s) that you need to take (Refer to your testing letter to identify the test type).
  • Choose the date and time in which you would like to take the test.
  • Choose two or three test dates that best fit your schedule (in case your first choice is filled up). Make sure your choice is at least one week from today.
  • ​Call the Testing Office at (212) 650-6488 to schedule the session you have chosen.

Absolutely no one will be allowed to the testing session without registering for the test beforehand.

Testing Arrangements:

If you need special accommodations due to a disability, please contact the AccessAbility Center (AAC), located in the NAC Building, Room 1/218, or call (212) 650-5913.

Documentation of approved testing accommodations must be submitted before your scheduled your test date.