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Dear University Partners,


Happy New Year! Thanks to everyone who encouraged students to apply to the LifeSci NYC Internship Program by our December early deadline. We are thrilled with the many strong applicants who have come our way. We are still accepting applicants, so please continue to urge students to apply HERE. Our application will be open through March 31, 2020. Students are encouraged to apply sooner rather than later, as the earlier they apply, the more job listings they will have the opportunity to apply for. Keep in mind that we are open to undergraduates as well as graduate students through PhDs and Postdocs.


We currently have 38 different paid summer internship roles listed, and host companies continue to post additional opportunities on an ongoing basis. Roles are currently listed in a wide variety of specialties including laboratory R&D (in areas such as cell biology, bioinformatics, and chemical engineering), business development, marketing, consulting, computer science, data science, investor relations, and more. (Please see a sampling below.)


Further program information is available on our website. In addition, please feel free to post and distribute our student flyer (attached). I hope you won’t hesitate to reach out at any time with questions or feedback. Many thanks for your ongoing support.


Best regards,



Sampling of Current Internship Listings:

·Data Science & Bioinformatics Intern - Startup developing cloud-based solutions to leverage biomedical big data seeks intern to work closely with team members to build pipelines and tools to manage large volumes of sequencing data and assist with generating and assessing meta-data to support R&D efforts

·Ad Agency Intern - Healthcare-focused agency seeks interns to work in Account Services, Creative, Strategic Planning, Public Relations, Project Management, and Finance

·Chemist & Chemical Engineering Interns - Startup developing next generation battery technology for grid-level energy storage seeks interns to help design and implement new electrolytes, and to help design and implement prototype battery systems, respectively (all with industrial mass production in mind)

·Entrepreneurship / Global Market Access / Global Pharma Pricing Intern - Startup providing repository of pharma market access and pricing intelligence seeks intern to learn about and work on areas including investors & fundraising, data science, data entry, business management, and pharma pricing and reimbursement across the world (CUNY undergrads only)

·Logistics Technician - Company using cutting-edge genomics technologies and artificial intelligence to study the immune system seeks intern to provide technical services supporting daily laboratory and clinical operations

·Marketing Intern - Medical technology company preparing to test its first product in clinical trials seeks intern to provide editorial content, social media management, and analytics  

Sharon Albert Kaplan

Program Director

Upper West Strategies

(646) 734-5558


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