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Classical Vocal Studies


Guidelines for BFA Classical Voice Students

For undergraduate students who entered the college after August 1, 2010
1. Those admitted to the BFA program must have already passed Elementary Musicianship  (Music 13100)  and Beginning Keyboard Techniques (16100) with a grade of B or better. Until then they will be considered "preliminary BFA 
students" and have one year (two consecutive semesters) in which to do so. During that time they will receive no private lessons via Music 49004 but may take Voice Class I or II. If, at the end of
 those two semesters, they have failed to achieve this standard they may only 
continue in the BA music program with the permission of the chair of the department.
2. Because we are a small department where vocal students 
receive much individual attention the BFA Classical Vocal Program will be limited to a total of 20 full time students. Students will be evaluated for musical and academic achievement at the end of each semester in order to determine if they shouldl continue in the program. A GPA of 2.5 is the recommended division-wide lower limit.
3. Those wishing to transfer into the BFA program from another school must do so before their junior year. That would allow them to take at least two years (4 semesters) of private
 voice instruction with us. Ideally, students should get at least 6 semesters of
 private voice instruction from the CCNY music faculty.

4. In association with private voice instruction, there will be a series of four vocal seminars each semester, one evening per month (dates will be given at the beginning of each
 semester). All BFA vocal majors are required to
 attend and must sing at a minimum of three sessions. Any songs sung during the seminars must be memorized. Songs may be repeated within the semester.

5. Professor Spaulding will meet with all vocal
 students each semester in November or April to discuss their
 progress in the program and address any issues that may arise so that there are no surprises or misunderstandings 
at juries, end of the semester exams, or recitals. Students are always
 welcome to make an appointment to see Prof. Spaulding at any time during the semester.

6. All BFA vocal students are required to
 sing a jury at the end of each semester. The only exception is the semester they present their senior recital. BFA students must sing a minimum of two
 songs that must be memorized. By the fourth jury, BFA students are required to have sung in at
 least 3 languages and by their fifth jury, four languages (which shall include
 English, French, Italian, and German). Other languages are welcome in addition to
 those listed previously. No songs may be repeated from one jury to another (in 
other words, each jury will consist of at least two new songs not previously sung 
in jury). BFA students may prepare more than two songs and may choose their
 first song to be sung, if there are more than two, the teachers of the jury panel
 will choose the second (and third if time permits).

7. Every BFA vocal student is required to sing each semester in the Voice Student Joint Concert at the end of each semester, the date of which will always be made known at the 
beginning of each semester.

8. Every BFA vocal student is required to perform a senior recital of at least 50 minutes
 during the senior year (7th or 8th semester). All songs must be sung from memory. The recital should include at least two languages in addition to 
English (one of which must be Italian or French and the other German). Students 
must arrange for their pianist in conjunction with their private instructor and must
 sing at least one run through of the recital two weeks before the recital date
 with their teacher present. The student is also required to contact Professor 
Alison Deane in the semester prior to the intended recital to arrange a
 concert date that both the voice teacher and Professor Spaulding are able to