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Online Writing Lab (OWL)

The Writing Center

Online Writing Lab (OWL)

Welcome to The City College Online Writing Center Lab. OWL receives papers from students of all disciplines on a regular basis.  Submit your draft early. Most submissions will receive a response within 48 hours. OWL provides a comprehensive review of writing mechanics, grammar, paragraph structure, and thesis development.


Students may submit one paper a day up to two papers a week.  For optimal feedback, provide details about the assignment, topic constraints, due dates, and any specifics in terms of help sought.  Please accommodate this busy service by sending in work well ahead of the due date. Owl reviewers will economize responses on submissions longer than six pages. Please send documents in MS Word format. Owl reviewers do not fix drafts for students.  Instead, we offer assessment, directional information, and useful links to assist with the writing process.


To submit a paper for review, please follow these instructions  


1. EMAIL (you must email us from your CCNY email address)
2. Make SUBJECT: Your last name-Course and number (like this: Smith-Psych 10002)
3. Message should INCLUDE:
    - Instructor's name
    - Due date
    - Number of pages
    - Brief description of your assignment.
    - Questions you have about the assignment.
4. ATTACH your paper (MS Word is preferred).
5. SEND it.