Apprenticeship Program

Are you a CCNY student looking for hands-on experience in Advanced Manufacturing, Electrical Engineering, CAD Design/3D Printing, OR Marketing? The Apprenticeship Program at the Zahn Center gives CCNY students an opportunity to develop their skills by working on projects out of our MakerLab. Think of it as an apprenticeship that builds on what you’re learning in school to prepare you for industry careers. 


At this time, the Zahn Apprentice Program will not be accepting applications for Fall 2021.

What are the perks?

  1. Access to equipment in our MakerLab
  2. Professional growth & networking
  3. Project Management experience
  4. Workshops that build skills (both Maker & Marketing)
  5. A resume boost
  6. Plus, it’s a great way to make friend

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Apprentice program?

The Apprenticeship is a skill development program, aimed at aiding students in acquiring professional practical skills. The program consists of 4 “pods:” Advanced Manufacturing, CAD/3D Design, Electrical Engineering and Marketing/Communications. These pods consist of groups of students working on internal and external projects. The pods are each led by Assistant Engineers (and a Marketer, in the case of the Marketing/Communications pod).

How long does the Apprentice program last for?

About 10 weeks per semester

Is there a time requirement for the program?

Yes, the program requires a minimum commitment of 10 hours weekly.

Is the Apprentice program paid?

No, this program is designed to provide skill training and development. However, there is an opportunity to be matched with a company for a paid position during the summer. These opportunities are limited, and are typically reserved for students who have been in the program for more than one semester.

Can I receive class credit for participating in the program

Unfortunately at this time we do not offer class credits for participating in the program, but we do offer a number of professional certifications. These will look great on your resume!

Are all the workshops mandatory? 

There are certain workshops that are mandatory within you pod, and some are voluntary. However, we suggest you attend as many workshops as possible to learn as much as possible!

What will I learn during my time in the program?

Apprentices will gain hands-on experience on different skills set depending on which pod they are in. They will include:

  • Product design
  • Advanced manufacturing
  • Business development
  • Management skills
  • Digital Marketing
  • CAD drawing
  • 3D printing
  • Laser Cutting
  • Electronics design and manufacturing
  • Consumer Analytics
  • Team dynamics

Will I receive unlimited access to the Makerlab for participating in the program?

Apprentices have access to the Makerlab Monday-Friday from 9am – 5pm.


Requirements for Advanced Manufacturing, Electrical Engineering, and CAD/Design 3D Printing:

  1. Be a registered CCNY student in the Spring 2020 semester
  2. Complete our application & interview with Zahn staff
  3. Assist/volunteer/teach one of the Zahn MakerLab’s workshops
  4. Have a great passion for building/creating/making things!
  5. Dedicate 10-15 hours per week
  6. Have “200 level” experience in one of the fields available (Advanced Manufacturing, Electrical Engineering, CAD Design/3D Printing). If you’re self-taught, that’s okay too!

Requirements for Marketing:

  1. Be a registered CCNY student in the Spring 2020 semester
  2. Complete our application & interview with Zahn staff
  3. Assist/volunteer/teach one of the Zahn Center’s workshops on Marketing
  4. Have a great passion for communicating!
  5. Dedicate 10-15 hours per week
  6. Have the specific requirements of each position below…

Email Marketing

Job Description:

  • Create email marketing campaigns to promote the Zahn Center’s events 
  • Tracking and analyzing campaign results
  • Ensure our organization’s message is conveyed clearly and delivered properly to each audience 
  • Proofread/draft emails with clarity, grammar, and spelling 

Skills/Experience (Preferred but not required): 

  • Strong written, verbal, and organizational skills 
  • Great attention to detail and planning, with the ability to manage multiple projects at once to meet deadlines 
  • Familiar with using Google suite, Gmail & email marketing services such as Mailchimp 


  • All interested candidates must submit a resume, cover letter, and 2 short writing samples (of any kind)

Social Media 

Job Description:

  • Create engaging content for the Zahn Center to maintain our social media presence
  • Keep social media channels (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) updated 
  • Seek new and impactful ways to increase and connect our audiences through marketing methods 

Skills/Experience (Preferred but not required):

  • Must be savvy with using Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn 
  • Comfortable with compiling analytics on our social media content 
  • A creative thinker who is able to keep up with a posting schedule 


  • All interested candidates must submit a resume, cover letter, and links to your social media accounts


Job Description:

  • Actively create and publish original content to our audiences on our platforms 
  • Come up with post ideas, conduct research for each post, write engaging content that is relevant to our organization

Skills/Experience (Preferred but not required):

  • Experience in journalism or creative writing courses
  • Strong writing skills with attention to grammar and spelling 
  • Having your own blog or have worked on other blogs is a plus! 


  • All interested candidates must submit a resume, a writing sample (at least 500 words), and link to blogs you own or have worked on (if applicable).

Graphic Designer 

Job Description:

  • Create advertisements, website elements, and developing designs for multiple content 
  • Create graphics, templates, and PPT materials for meetings 
  • Ensures accurate, consistent, and high quality output of graphics on print or pre-media files 


  • Experience with Adobe Creative Suite or digital design platforms 
  • Solid understanding of brand communication and digital marketing 
  • Self-starter with efficient time management and creative skills


  • All interested candidates must submit a resume, cover letter, and 2-3 samples of designs/content you’ve completed
  • Additionally, please create a sample of a design you’d create for this mock event: Zahn Center Honors Breast Cancer Awareness Month
    • You can create anything that shows off your skills. (A t-shirt design, a flyer, sticker design, poster design, etc.)
    • Tip: Study our website to become familiar with the Zahn colors! 

Website Designer 

Job Description:

  • Consult with the Zahn team in order to oversee search engine optimization strategies
  • Ensure flow of content by testing the website, making adjustments, and making sure that web design projects are completed in time 
  • Work on design improvements and complete enhancement requests 


  • Very comfortable working with multimedia programming
  • Familiar with using or creating websites on WordPress, Squarespace, or Wix 
  • Have knowledge of design, color theory, and website formatting 


  • All interested candidates must submit a resume, 2-3 samples of digital work that shows you understand color theory and layout, and links to websites you’ve worked on (if applicable) 

Public Relations Assistant

Job Description:

  • Expand the Zahn Center’s message throughout the campus and with the community
  • Communicate daily with directors, operations managers, and staff through discussions & meetings 
  • Implement strategies in order to increase awareness, efficiency, and optimization 


  • Exceptional communication skills & very comfortable speaking in front and with others 
  • Strong tactical skills and able to strategize in a fast paced environment 


  • All interested candidates must submit a resume, cover letter, and a short writing sample that answers this question: 
  • The Zahn Center is teaching students in the area about 3D Printing & wants to run a news story about it. Who would you pitch to? Why them? What would you say to them to get them to cover this story?