2019 ChE Spring Seminar Series

Spring 2019 ChE Seminar Series

January 28th

"Peptide Tailored Functional Surfaces"

Professor Nurit Ashkenasy
Ben Gurion University of the Negev

February 25th

"Compressibility of Simple Fluids Confined in Nanopores"

Professor Gennady Gor
New Jersey Institute of Technology

March 4th

No Seminar

March 11th

"Solar-Hydrogen Production in a Hybrid-Sulfur Electrolyzer"

Professor John Weidner
University of South Carolina

March 18th

"Accelerating Rational Design of Advanced Composites"

Doctor Jeffrey Gilman
National Institute of Standards & Technology

March 25th

"Reservoir Fluid Geodynamics and A New Thermodynamic Treatment of Reservoir Crude Oils"

Doctor Oliver Mullins
Schlumberger Limited

April 1st

"Molecular Dynamics in External Mechanical Fields Investigated by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance"

Doctor Ulrich Scheler
Leibniz Institute for Polmer Research Dresden

April 8th

"Experimental and Numerical Investigation in a Very High Temperature Reactor (VHTR)"

Apoorva Rudra
City College of New York

Graduate Student Symposium


"Phase Transition of Two-dimensional Hard-core Lattice Gases at Interfaces"

Shaghayegh Darjani
City College of New York

Graduate Student Symposium

April 15th

"Embedded Energy Landscapes in Soft Matter to Direct Colloidal Motion"

Professor Kathleen Stebe
University of Pennsylvania

Stanley Katz Lecture

April 29th

"Compositionally Versatile Polymer Films for pH-responsive Properties and Metal Ion Capture"

Professor Kane Jennings
Vanderbilt University

May 13th


Professor Christoph Naumann
Indiana University - Purdue University


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