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George Lois T-Shirt Collection


George Lois T-Shirt Collection

The George Lois T-Shirt Collection:


A Gift that keeps on Giving!

When Advertising Legend, George Lois, provided the gift of his archives to CCNY, it was just the beginning. Mr. Lois recognized that by using his formidable visual talent, he could enable CCNY to uniquely differentiate itself in the educational marketplace.

What he has done is create a branding/micro branding of CCNY and its divisions in the form of The George Lois T-shirt collection. These beautifully designed shirts are bold, simple, instantly memorable, powerfully designed providing a confident statement of professionalism and purpose for the university, students and faculty for the world to see.

The CCNY shirt (CCNY: Feel the Power of a Life of Discovery) clearly and in the most human terms identifies our mission and strength. It fortifies our talented student body, now and in every aspect of our lives, professionally and personally, while reinforcing the importance of the teaching staff and alumni.

Each division is micro branded transforming familiar generic programs into life-changing career paths. With a few simple words, each school now has a heroic mandate or tribute to ones’ specific subject of study provided in a visually dramatic manner.


            School of Architecture: The Grandeur of Architecture

            School of Engineering: Engineering the Future

            School of Education: The Noblest Profession

            School of Biomedical Education: The World Needs Doctors

            School of Humanities & the Arts: The Revelation of Arts & Humanities

            The Division of Interdisciplinary Studies at the Center for Worker Education: Never Stop Learning

            Division of Science: The Soul of Science

            Colin Powell School for Civic and Global leadership: The Art of Leadership

The George Lois Collection will be available at the Bookstore starting May 2nd, affordably priced at $18.99 per shirt. Get them while they last and, most of all, wear them proudly and feel the power of a world of discovery as part of the CCNY community.