Material Fee Instructions

Materials/Transportation Fees Overview

Material and Transportation (M&T) fees are charged to students for courses that entail a fee to cover the costs of special materials, film rental charges, transportation, field trip expenses or other non-instructional costs. A transportation charge is usually imposed for courses requiring field trips.

A materials fee may be charged when the student will own the end product of his or her work when using such materials. A student charged a material fee should benefit from additional material that is not part of a regular course offering. Material fees are also charged in situations where a college purchase will save students time and money if they were required to purchase the same items on their own. Material fees are subject to change and are nonrefundable.

Materials and transportation fees are not intended to supplement a department’s OTPS budget, and may only be spent on approved costs.

M&T fees must be approved every two years by the University’s Board of Trustees, or if the fee changes, whichever occurs first. These fees must be published in the College course bulletins and collected by the Bursar. Fees may only be used for courses and purposes approved by the Board.

Here is a list of current materials fees at City College:

Procedures for requesting a new M&T fees to a course or program

Please contact Eric Lopez ( elope%7a3@ccny.cun %79.ed%75" rel="nofollow"> ) at the Provost’s Office  for review as to need, justification and support of the requested fee charge prior to submission to Central Office for approval and inclusion in the University/Chancellor’s Report. See below for form and sample requests for Materials/Transportation fees. Once your request has been approved by Local governance or senate it must be submitted to the Fiscal Matters portion of the Chancellor’s University Report(CUR). You should fill out the below form. Once that is complete you can submit it to Eric Lopez at . It will be submitted into the next Chancellor’s Report submission. For more information on the Chancellor’s Report, click here.

At the same time, a New Course or Change to Existing Course form, that includes the fee information, should be filled out and sent to Eric Lopez for submission to the Academic Matters  section of the Chancellor’s University Report. If the fee is declined by CUNY, both items will be held for revision and resubmission.

Fee information must be added by the departments to College Bulletins in the subsequent annual update. See below for sample Bulletin entry with fee information. All fee information will also be posted on the Bursar’s web site.


Examples of Fee Information 

CLAS: Template to Propose a New Course

CLAS: Template to Propose Changes to an Existing Course


Examples of Fee Information City College Bulletins

ART 10400: Introduction to Photography Principles and fundamentals of black and white photography as an art form. Development of film, processing, and printing will be studied. Students will be required to acquire a manual 35mm film camera. 3 hr./wk.; 3 cr. Materials fee:$25.

MUS 43600: Studio Project Workshop Takes audio techniques learned in prerequisite courses and explores them in more depth and detail. Includes demonstrations, hands-on sessions and exercises, discussion, and independent projects. Introduces various production techniques as well as the people, organizational, and business skills that will be useful in real-world recording and production situations. Students go on field trips to world-class production facilities in New York City, interact with professionals, and intern at such facilities. May be taken twice. Prereq: MUS 32800 and MUS 32801. 3 hr./wk.; 3 cr. Materials fee:$25.