CCNY ACE Eligible Majors (Transfer Students Only)

Major Eligibility
Anthropology B.A. Eligibility
Biology B.S. BIO 10100, BIO 10200, CHEM 10301, CHEM 10401, MATH 20500 or MATH 20100. BMCC Science A.S. STEM Concentration only. 
Bilingual Childhood Education B.S.Ed. BMCC Joint Degree in Bilingual Childhood Education only
Childhood Education B.S.Ed. BMCC Joint Degree in Childhood Education only
Early Childhood Education B.S. Must earn a grade of B or higher in EDCE 20604, SOC 38144, and MAT 18004 in the first semester if not previously completed. Must pass S.E.A.T. exam in first semester. Maintaining a CCNY GPA of 2.8 required. This degree leads to initial certification in Early Childhood Education, Birth-2nd grade. 
Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences B.A.  Eligible (Fully online option available)
International Studies B.A. Eligible
Political Science B.A.  Eligible
Psychology. B.A.  Eligible
Theatre, B.A.  Eligible

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