Sexual Harassment Policy

City College is committed to the City University of New York (CUNY) Policy Against Sexual Harassment.  Our shared goal is to maintain a community environment-academic and employment-that is free from all forms of intimidation, intolerance, exploitation and harassment.

Sexual harassment is a serious form of misconduct that is demeaning, offensive, illegal and prohibited by the University's policy, which was adopted by the Board of Trustees in 1995 and revised in 2005.  Unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal, non-verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature constitutes sexual harassment when: 1) submission to or rejection of this conduct explicitly or implicitly affects an individual's employment or academic advancement; 2) unreasonably interferes with an individual's work or academic performance; or 3) creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive work or academic environment.  Examples of conduct that may constitute sexual harassment may include but are not limited to: Physical assault;

  • Sexually explicit statements, comments, questions, jokes, innuendoes or gestures;
  • Unnecessary touching, hugging, or brushing against a person's body or other inappropriate touching of an individual's body;
  • Remarks of a sexual nature about a person's clothing or body;
  • Display of sexually explicit pictures, screensavers or videos;
  • Use of electronic mail or computer to disseminate sexually oriented or sex-based communications; and
  • Accessing sexually explicit Internet websites.

In accordance with CUNY procedures, the College is responsible for investigating complaints of sexual harassment brought by students and employees.  For this purpose, the College has established a Sexual Harassment Awareness and Intake Committee, the members of which received extensive training and are available for consultation or to receive complaints.  Consultation requests and/or complaints should be directed to the Sexual Harassment Coordinator located in Shepard Hall, Room 109 A-D, telephone: 212.650.7331.  Materials concerning Sexual Harassment are available in this office and on the office's website.

Every member of the college community is responsible for compliance with this policy to ensure a working and educational environment free from sexual harassment or coercion.  The College's supervisory personnel have an affirmative responsibility to prevent and eliminate conduct inconsistent with the policy and to address, immediately, any concerns or complaints that may come before them.  The general security and protection of our students, faculty and staff is a responsibility that my administrators and I take very seriously.