Senior Seminar/Essay

All students majoring in International Studies must take either Senior Seminar (INTL 32100) or register to write a Senior Essay (INTL 32200).***

Senior Seminar (INTL 32100)

Senior Seminar is a regular class in which you and your classmates will undertake a semester-long research project structured and guided by your instructor. The class is a capstone experience for International Studies majors and gives you the opportunity to draw on all of your college learning--theory, methods, regional and topical courses, and other experiences such as study abroad or internships.

To register for Senior Seminar, you need to be granted permission on CUNYfirst by emailing Dr. Muir ( ) with your EMPLID.

Senior Essay (INTL 32200)

Senior Essay (often called Senior Thesis) is structured as an independent study class in which you design and execute a semester-long research project on a subject matter of your choosing. The project culminates in an essay, usually 35-50 pages in length.

To register for Senior Essay, you must first find a faculty member here at CCNY who is has expertise in your chosen subject matter and who agrees to serve as your mentor. Once you have secured a faculty mentor, the two of you should decide together how you will frame your research project, the methods appropriate to doing that research, a schedule of tasks for the semester, and the guidelines for the final essay. You then submit that information (in the format below) to Dr. Muir ( ). If Dr. Muir approves your plan, then you and your mentor will sign a special form that will be submitted, along with the plan, to the Registrar.

The plan for your senior essay must be in the following format, typed in Microsoft Word and emailed to Dr. Muir ( ):


1.     Semester and year:

2.     Professor’s name:

3.     Student’s name and contact information (include the email address and phone number you most actively use):

4.     Title of course/study:

5.     List of topics to be covered:

6.     Reading list and reading assignments for each meeting:

7.     Detailed schedule of in-person meetings:

8.     Product(s) of course (homework assignments, papers, etc.):

9.     Grading method:

*** Students must complete the requirements that were in place when they first declared their major. If you declared your major in International Studies earlier than approximately 2014, you may need to take Senior Seminar and write a Senior Essay. If you are in doubt, email Dr. Muir your EMPLID.

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