Archives Donation Policy

The policy of the Dominican Archives is to accept archival materials as donations, which will include the total transfer of ownership or title of all materials donated to the Archives voluntary and gratuitously without any monetary or other considerations, and to take complete control of the archival materials without future revocation. The location, retention, processing, preservation and use of the archival materials, or disposition (including return of non-archival materials or destruction in case of donor’s refusal to reaccept) are at the discretion of the Archives in accordance with its policies and procedures. Donations of archival materials to the archives are to be made through a Deed of Gift Form between the Archives and the donor signed in duplicate by both parties indicating the offer and acceptance of the materials. The Deed of Gift shall clearly indicate that the donor (organization or individual) owns the archival materials to be donated and/or that the person is authorized to make the donation. 

The Deed of Gift shall address all foreseeable issues that may interfere with the permanent transfer of the donated records. This will include the transfer of all rights, title, and interest possessed by the donor; and the location, retention, processing, preservation, disposition and use of the materials by scholars, researchers and others having a need to use materials. The terms and conditions of transfer; and most importantly the transfer of copyright to the Archives.  The Deed of Gift must be accompanied by a completed Archives Accession Form, which shall include the date of transfer, a full description of the materials conveyed including title, inclusive dates, volumes, subject categories, and types of materials. In addition, the deed must make a clear distinction between physical property and intellectual property and indicate who holds copyright and the literary rights, if any. The Deed of Gift may include any reasonable restrictions placed on the use of the donated materials; who may lift such restrictions; whether the Archives can dispose of parts of the donation that are not considered to have significant archival value; and whether materials not retained by the Archives may be returned to the donor. The Archives will dispose of non-archival material at the discretion of the Chief Archivist. The Archives will provide for the care and maintenance of the donated archival material to the best of its efforts, subject to limitations of resources. Individuals or organizations interested in donating their archival collections should contact the Archives at 212.650.8865, by email at or in person by visiting the Archives.