General Professional Resources

Institute for Language and Education Policy
The Institute for Language and Education Policy is a newly formed, nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting research-based policies in serving English and heritage language learners. The Institute is comprised of teachers, administrators, researchers, professors, students, and others who believe that the time for advocacy is now, and that in an era of misguided "accountability" measures, high-stakes testing, cutbacks in school funding, and English-only activism, strong advocacy for children is essential. Scientific knowledge about what works not ideology or political expedience must guide language and education policy.

United Federation of Teachers
The New York City affiliate of the American Federation of Teachers. For help with certification and licensure problems, instructional strategies, classroom management, and other professional issues, teachers can call the UFT's TeacherLine at (212) 253-8800 Monday through Friday from 4:00 to 6:00 PM.

National Clearinghouse for English Language Acquisition
The National Clearinghouse for English Language Acquisition and Language Instruction Educational Programs (NCELA, formerly the National Clearinghouse for Bilingual Education). The site includes
synthesized research, original research, a newsletter, FAQs about English language learners, updates on legislation, and many tips for teachers (including lesson plans by teachers).

Arizona State University's Language Policy Research Unit (LPRU)
This site features extensive resources related to language policy and planning, including census data; full text of research reports by leading language policy researchers; an extensive bibliography of published resources on language policy; summaries of recent books relevant to language policy research; resources that bear on language policy and the law; archived news items from the press on language policy; and internet resources.

James Crawford's Language Policy Web Site
This site is designed to encourage discussion of language policy issues, report on pending language legislation, and to illuminate policy debates over bilingual education by publicizing research findings.

The California Association for Bilingual Education
The California Association for Bilingual Education promotes and supports high levels of literacy in English and in at least one other language, and advocates for equitable and just learning environments.

English Learners Web Site
The site at the California Department of Education focuses on the education of students with a primary language other than English who are English language learners.

LinguaPax Institute
The Linguapax Institute is a non-governmental organization Barcelona that was created in 2001 to to promote policies that protect language diversity, foster multilingual education and the improvement of learning methods, and to connect multilingual education with the culture of peace.

Alternative Points of View

Heritage Languages in America
The Alliance for the Advancement of Heritage Languages is committed to advancing language development for heritage language speakers in the United States as part of a larger effort to educate members of our society who can function professionally in English and in other languages.