Language and Linguistics Resources
An online dictionary and language resource that provides dictionary and thesaurus content, some of it based on print dictionaries such as the Century Dictionary, the American Heritage Dictionary, WordNet, and GCIDE. Wordnik has collected a corpus of billions of words which it uses to display example sentences, allowing it to provide information on a much larger set of words than a typical dictionary.

Popular Linguistics 
A monthly online magazine of language and linguistics-focused stories for non-linguists.

The Web of Language
A collection of links to stories about language in the news.

Typing Phonetic Symbols
The site provides online symbols that can be copied to any other document.  The Summer Institute of Linguistics (, see below) also provides fonts with phonetic symbols that can be downloaded to your computer.

Language Log  
This is a group blog (multiple regular bloggers are featured) that has posts on a variety of language-related topics from language change, accents, language teaching, etc... (Thanks to D. McKenna for forwarding this link.)

Glottopedia is a freely editable encyclopedia for linguists by linguists that is currently being built. It will contain dictionary articles on all technical terms of linguistics and is multilingual. In addition, there are survey articles, biographical articles and language articles, potentially on all linguists and all languages.

The Linguist List
The Linguist List is the web's largest linguistics discussion list, including job postings, discussions, Q&A, and more. The website is extensive with links to many specialized lists, as well as resources regarding the field in general.

Linguistic Society of America
The Linguistic Society of America is the largest professional organization of linguists in the United States.

The OmniGlot website offers interesting information about many different writing systems.

Rosetta Project
The Rosetta Project is a global collaboration of language specialists and native speakers building a publicly accessible online archive of ALL documented human languages.

Sounds of Speech
The Sounds of Speech website provides a comprehensive understanding of how each of the speech sounds of American English, Spanish, and German are formed. It includes animations, videos, and audio samples that describe the essential features of each of the consonants and vowels of these languages. Sounds of Speech is especially useful for students studying English as a second language.

Summer Institute of Linguistics
The Summer Institute of Linguistics has developed more than 60 pieces of software to support the work of its fieldworkers; most available to the public for free download. Founded over 70 years ago, SIL International is a faith-based organization that studies, documents, and assists in developing the world's lesser-known languages.

The Columbia School Linguistics Society
Columbia School linguistics offers a radically functional conception of language in which both grammatical and phonological structure are profoundly shaped by the exigencies of communication.

The Modern Language Association Language Map
The MLA Language Map is intended for use by students, teachers, and anyone interested in learning about the linguistic and cultural composition of the United States. The MLA Language Map uses data from the 2000 United States census to display the locations and numbers of speakers of thirty languages and three groups of less commonly spoken languages in the United States.

Minimal Pairs
The site offers minimal pairs for English, with sound files.  This site provides information about British English (RP). 

Karen Chung's Language and Linguistics Page
Karen Chung is a linguist at National Taiwan University who has compiled an extraordinary list of links to sites covering topics about language, languages, and linguistics, from dictionaries to news articles, articles on accents, dialects, and anything else you might want to know about language.

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