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Professional Associations

Bilingual Education & TESOL Programs

Professional Associations

The American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL)
The ACTFL is the only national organization dedicated to the improvement and expansion of the teaching and learning of all languages at all levels of instruction.

The National Association of Bilingual Education (NABE)
NABE is the only professional organization at the national level wholly devoted to representing both English language learners and bilingual education professionals. Along with affiliate organizations in 23 states, NABE represents a combined membership of more than 20,000 bilingual and English-as-a-second-language teachers, administrators, paraprofessionals, university professors and students, researchers, advocates, policymakers, and parents.

TESOL is the major professional organization devoted to the teaching of English to speakers of other languages.

American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese
The American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese (AATSP) promotes the study and teaching of Hispanic, Luso-Brazilian, and other related languages, literatures, and cultures at all educational levels for heritage and second-language learners.

New York State Association of Bilingual Education (NYSABE)
The New York affiliate of NABE, the New York State Association for Bilingual Education (NYSABE) is a multilingual and multicultural association fostering the awareness and appreciation of bilingualism and biculturalism as an integral part of cultural pluralism in our society.

The New York affiliate of TESOL, NYSTESOL is a non-profit group of professionals concerned with the education of English language learners at all levels of public and private education in New York State.

New York State Association of Teachers of Foreign Languages
NYSAFLT is an organization of teachers from all over New York State whose goal is to serve as a resource for foreign language educators at all levels to ensure the best foreign language education possible.

National Council of Teachers of English
The National Council of Teachers of English is devoted to improving the teaching and learning of English and the language arts at all levels of education.

Modern Language Association
Founded in 1883, the Modern Language Association of America provides opportunities for its members to share their scholarly findings and teaching experiences with colleagues and to discuss trends in the academy. MLA members host an annual convention and other meetings, work with related organizations, and sustain one of the finest publishing programs in the humanities. For over a hundred years, members have worked to strengthen the study and teaching of language and literature.