Resources on Endangered Languages


Living Tongues Institute for Endangered Languages
This organization aims to create scientific documentation of endangered languages, and to help communities maintain and revitalize their linguistic heritage. Their mission includes linguist-aided, community-driven, audio-video documentation projects.

Online Resources for Endangered Languages (OREL)
OREL is a library of over 200 annotated and categorized links to websites for people interested in endangered language documentation and revitalization.

Foundation on Endangered Languages
The aims of the Foundation are to raise awareness of endangered languages, both inside and outside the communities where they are spoken, and to support the use of endangered languages in all contexts: at home, in education, in the media, and in social, cultural and economic life.

UNESCO Red Book on Endangered Languages
Extensive documentation on endangered languages on all continents.

Endangered Language Fund
The Endangered Language Fund is devoted to the scientific study of endangered languages; the support of native efforts in maintaining endangered languages; the dissemination, to both the native communities and the scholarly world, of the fruits of these efforts.

Classroom Materials
This LinguaPax PDF file includes materials to use in the classroom with the objective of teaching students about the linguistic richness of the world, and of their becoming sensitized about the rapid loss of linguistic and cultural diversity.

Rosetta Project
The Rosetta Project is a global collaboration of language specialists and native speakers building a publicly accessible online archive of ALL documented human languages.