Useful Resources

If you have been dismissed from the GSOE and wish to return, you must appeal to the Committe on Course and Standings.  If so, you will need to use the following :  Appeals Letter for GSOE

If you are an undergraduate and wish to enroll in a graduate level courses to fulfill your engineering or technical elective, you will need to use the following: Graduate Course Permission

Graduate Course Permission Process:
1.Obtain a registration form from the Office of Undergraduate Affairs (ST-209) and complete Part I.
2.Obtain required signatures (in outlined order)
3.Take completed form to Dean of Graduate Studies (ST-152) for registration. Be sure to make a copy for your records.

If you would like to enroll in BME 59100 (1 credit), BME 59001 (1 credit), BME 59002 (2 credit) or BME 59000 (3 credit), you will need to use the following: Request For Independent Study Form (located in Information Center, Main Office)
*Independent Study Course Process: Identify the course you are interested in and discuss it with your BME advisor as well as the BME faculty member who will serve as the course instructor, who must agree to supervise you in the project. Complete the “Request for Independent Study” form, have the BME faculty member who has agreed to be the instructor sign it and place the document in a sealed envelope to be hand-delivered to:   Office of the Registrar, Willie Administration Building, A-102, Attention: Scheduling Office.
Once the form has been received, the Registrar’s Office will create a special section for you so that the instructor for the course can enter your grade at the completion of the course.

If you would like to become a member of the BME Departmental Executive Committee, you will need to use the following: Departmental Exec. Committee (DEC)

-Additional forms can be obtained at the INFOMATION Center, located in the main office.