Susannah P. Fritton


Deputy Chair




Office: ST-403 E

p: (212) 650-5213

f: (212) 650-6727



B.S.E., Biomedical Engineering, Tulane University, 1988

[University of Leeds, UK, Tulane Junior Year Abroad Honors Program 1986-87]

Ph.D., Biomedical Engineering, Tulane University, 1994

Postdoc, Musculo-Skeletal Research Laboratory, SUNY Stony Brook, 1994-96


Research Interests

Understanding the adaptive response of bone to altered mechanical loading, including bone's mechanosensory system;  investigating interstitial fluid flow in bone as a possible mechanism of mechanical signal transduction; quantifying the effects of estrogen deficiency and immobilization on the osteocyte microenvironment;  using mechanical loading to enhance drug transport to bone tumors.

Recent & Frequently Cited Publications

Ciani, C., Sharma, D., Doty, S.B. and Fritton, S.P., “Ovariectomy Enhances Mechanical Load-Induced Solute Transport around Osteocytes in Rat Cancellous Bone,” Bone 59:229-34, 2014.
Palacio-Mancheno, P.E., Larriera, A.I., Doty, S.B., Cardoso, L. and Fritton, S.P., “3D Assessment of Cortical Bone Porosity and Tissue Mineral Density Using High-Resolution Micro-CT: Effects of Resolution and Threshold Method,” Journal of Bone and Mineral Research, 29(1):142-50, 2014.
Benalla M., Palacio-Mancheno, P.E., Fritton S.P., Cardoso L., and Cowin S.C., “Dynamic Permeability of the Lacunar-Canalicular System in Human Cortical Bone,” Biomechanics and Modeling in Mechanobiology,13(4):801-12, 2014.
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Wang, L., Cowin, S.C., Weinbaum, S. and Fritton, S.P., "Modeling Tracer Transport in an Osteon Under Cyclic Loading," Annals of Biomedical Engineering , 28(10):1200-1209, 2000.  
Fritton, S.P., McLeod, K.J. and Rubin, C.T., "Quantifying the Strain History of Bone: Spatial Uniformity and Self-similarity of Low Magnitude Strains," Journal of Biomechanics , 33(3):317-325, 2000.


Recent Funding

Harvey L. Karp Discovery Award in the Sciences 2015-16
NSF:  Effects of Reduced Mechanical Loading on Bone Microarchitecture and Cell Function 2014-17
PSC-CUNY: Assessment of Bone Microstructural Changes in an Osteoporosis Model 2011-14
NIH (NIAMS):  Role of Fluid Flow in Bone's Response to Mechanical Loading  2006-11
CCNY-MSKCC Biomedical Engineering Partnership:  Enhancement of Cancer Drug Delivery to Bone Tumors using Non-invasive Mechanical Loading 2007-09

Courses Taught

BME 101 Introduction to Biomedical Engineering (1 credit)  

BME 220 Biostatistics and Research Methods (3 credits)

ME 246 Engineering Mechanics I (3 credits)  

ME 330 Mechanics of Materials (3 credits)  

BME 501 Cell and Tissue Mechanics (3 credits) 

BME 503 Cell and Tissue - Biomaterial Interactions (3 credits)  

BME I0000 Biomedical Engineering Seminar (0 credits, graduate-level)  

BME I7300 Cell and Tissue - Biomaterial Interactions (3 credits, graduate-level)

BME I9300 Scientific Ethics (1 credit, graduate-level)