Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Tuition and Fee Payments

Please be advised  that the City University of New York Board of Trustees approved a resolution to provide In-State Tuition for Students from the Bahamas who have been displace by Hurricane Dorian.  This benefit will apply for the Fall 2019 through the Summer 2020 semesters.

**Please be advised that the Bursar Department is now offering Payment Agreements for past semester* arrears ONLY.  These Payment Agreements are not for current semester charges.  The Agreement must be done in person at the Bursar's Office and must have an initial payment towards the outstanding balance that will be used as a down payment for the Agreement.  The initial down payment must be on the same day as the Agreement is signed at the Bursar's Office and must be made with a certified check or cash only (and all the remaining payments at the Bursar's Office must be made with a certified check or cash).**


What forms of payment do you accept?

The Bursar's Office accepts payments by cash, check or money order.  Payment can also be made online using Electronic Check.  Payment by Electronic Check is free of charge.  Please enter your bank account and routing numbers carefully - a $30.00 fee will be assessed to your account for all returned EFT payments.

Can I pay my dormitory related charges to the Bursar's Office?

No, please be advised that as of Summer of 2014, the Bursar's Office will no longer collect any dormitory related payments.   Beginning this summer students with dormitory related charges will need to make payments or direct questions to the Towers.  Thank you.

As a student, how do I pay online?

Log onto your CUNYfirst account and select “Semester Bill” from the  menu, click on the semester you wish to pay and, when you are ready to make your payment, click on the “Pay Now” tab at the bottom.

When will I get confirmation that the payment went through?

Once the payment transaction is completed, you will receive an e-mail confirmation at the address provided by the student or payee. All online payments are recorded into CUNYfirst. Students are informed of credit card rejections immediately upon submission of the transaction.

Can someone else pay my tuition for me?

Yes, someone else can pay online for you; however, they must be able to access your CUNYfirst account in order to do this. A personal visit to the Bursar Office, however, would require either written consent signed by the student with a copy of his/her ID or a Bursar Bill.

Will I get a receipt in the mail?

No, you will not receive a receipt in the mail. You will receive an e-mail confirmation after the payment is submitted. You can print a copy of your bill on CUNYfirst.

I have registered for classes but have not received a bill. Can I make an online payment?

Yes, a student can make an online payment at any point after they register, up until the deadline date.


*All unpaid balances will be sent to Collections after one year.