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Tuition Payment Plans


Tuition Payment Plans

Reasons to Sign up Early

  • Your class seat is saved
  • The earlier you enroll, the lower your monthly payments since the total amount financed will be divided over more scheduled payments

Payment Plan Budget Worksheet

Establish your payment plan based upon your anticipated tuition & fee costs and your anticipated financial aid (grants. scholarships, federal and state aid, etc.)

Choose Your Payment Method

  • Automatic bank payment (ACH) or eCheck
  • Credit or Debit Card

Cost to Participate

  • Enrollment Fee per semester.*
  • Different Fee is applicable based on payment method selected.**
  • $30 Returned Payment Fee is charged, per occurrence of returned payment***


Any change in your obligation due to CUNY will change the total payment plan balance and remaining monthly payment amounts.

*If the Enrollment Fee is returned for any reason including NSF, the agreement will be terminated.

**If paying by Credit/Debit Card, Fee is $95.  If paying by eCheck, Fee is $40.

***All Credit/Debit Card payments that are returned will be subject to the Return Payment Fee.  Only eCheck/ACH payments returned due to NSF (insufficient funds) will be subject to a returned payment fee.

How to Enroll

  • Log into CUNYfirst, go to HR Campus Solutions, click on Self-Service, and go to your Student Center
  • Go to Finances and select Enroll/Manage Payment Plan

Target Dates to Enroll By

Summer 2018 - Extended Session and Session I

Last day to enroll                 Number of payments                   Months of payments

May 29                                                     3                                     June - July

Summer 2018 - Session II

Last day to enroll                Number of payments                    Months of payments

July 26                                                     2                                      July - August

Fall 2018                                                                                        

Last day to enroll                Number of payments                    Months of payments

June 26                                                   6                                      July - November

July 27                                                     5                                      August - November

August 27                                               4                                      September - November

September 4                                          3                                      October - November



Upon Enrollment, Initial Payment is comprised of First Payment and Enrollment Fee.