Division Of Science Office For Student Success/CCAPP Tutoring Centers

The Division of Science and the City College Academy for Professional Preparation (CCAPP) Tutoring Centers offers free tutoring services for students enrolled in Biology, Chemistry, Math and Physics.

The purpose of tutoring is to help you become an active, independent learner. Working with a tutor can enrich your understanding of the course material, feel encouraged, help you focus on what is important in the class, and help you apply better study methods.

Tutors Will Not

  • Solve problems for students without their active contribution.
  • Do homework for students.
  • Teach an entire chapter or lesson covered by the professor.
  • Will not assume the role of the instructor; their role is to assist not replace.
  • Tutors will not re-lecture an entire class.

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Math/Physics Location & Hours

Biology/Chemistry Location & Hours

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