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Faculty Workshops

Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL)

Faculty Workshops

What do 21st century skills hold for CCNY faculty? In our fast-changing environment, faculty need to use technology to better connect with today's students and engage them in learning. Use of Blackboard (CUNY’s Learning Management System), course blogs and wikis, screen captures and videos, Web 2.0 tools and a host of other instructional technologies are becoming essential elements in the modern instructor's toolkit. CETL workshops will assist you to upgrade your course with some of these tools, and our staff is available to meet with you one-on-one, as needed.

Workshops are organized in series, with each series representing a specific technology or set of tools. These series are listed below. From time to time, other workshops by CETL staff or guest presenters will be offered on a specific topic. Workshops typically run 1 hour to meet your busy schedule. In these sessions, we include handouts and sample exercises, and some may require prior knowledge to ensure attendees are well-prepared. All programs are held at NAC 4/220A.

Hybrid/Online Workshops

Fostering Online Discussions

  • Identify major components of an online discussion.
  • Create discussion questions that stimulate a constructive and engaging online discussion.
  • Understand how to manage an online discussion board.

Hybrid Course Structure and Organization

  • Consider various ways to structure a hybrid course.
  • Analyze distribution of online vs. in-class activities for their course.
  • Become familiar with the concept of the flipped classroom and analyze its applicability to the hybrid course.

Use of Assessment Tools in a Hybrid Course

  • Differentiate among various assessment tools.
  • Select assessment tools that are the most appropriate for course learning objectives.
  • Review principles for creating good online multiple-choice tests.
  • Consider developing rubrics to assess discussions and projects.

Principles and Practices of a Fully Online Course

  • Identify major components of a successful online course.
  • Understand how to create an engaging online environment for students.
  • Consider various ways to use technology in an online class (blogs and webinars).

Workshop Descriptions

Creating Effective Online Writing Assignments

  • Consider the concepts that you plan to implement and expect to improve student writing, as well as their overall experience with it.
  • Gain a better understanding of Course Outcomes and how to apply them to your course and assignment development.
  • Gain an understanding of and appreciation for Low Stakes Writing strategies.
  • Gain an understanding of and appreciation for the benefits of Prepared Assignment Handouts.
  • Become aware of resources to help with matters concerning the teaching of writing.

Flipped Classroom

  • Understand what a flipped classroom is about.
  • Engage in dialogue about this teaching method.
  • Be able to plan to use this approach in your classes.