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Cinema Studies Minor Course Plan

Cinema Studies

Cinema Studies Minor Course Plan

The MCA Minor in Cinema Studies consists of 15 credits. This includes two required courses within the MCA Department: MCA 121: Introduction to Film Studies and MCA 221: Film History I. In addition, students must take three additional elective critical studies courses in MCA or other departments. Each term the Program Director will establish a list of accepted electives

These courses may include selections from Anthropology, Art, Asian Studies, Black Studies, Comparative Literature, English, Foreign Languages & Literature, History, Jewish Studies, Latin American & Latino Studies, Media & Communication Arts, Philosophy, and other disciplines.

Past courses have included, among many others:

  • Visual Anthropology
  • Japanese Film
  • Shakespeare on Film
  • Feminist Literature & Film
  • Post War Italian Cinema
  • The Holocaust & Film
  • Indian Cinema & Popular Culture
  • Film History II
  • Documentary Film
  • Film Noir
  • Science Fiction
  • Philosophy & Film

Suggested Course Sequence

Semester 1

MCA 121 Introduction to Film Studies  3 credits (offered every term)


Semester 2

MCA 221 Film History I  3 credits (offered fall semester only)


Semester 3

MCA 222 Film History II  3 credits (offered spring semester only)


Semester 4



Learning Outcomes

Students who Minor in Cinema Studies will be able to:

  1. Identify key developments in the history and aesthetics of film;
  2. Analyze the role of social, technological, and historical forces in the shaping of cinematic representation;
  3. Compare and contrast the classical Hollywood style of cinema and other Western and non-Western culturally specific models of cinema;
  4. Test popular notions of film history against scholarly concepts;
  5. Demonstrate visual and narrative literacy through film analysis skills;
  6. Practice critical thinking about the role of moving images in our society.