Cinema Studies Minor Course Plan

The MCA Minor in Cinema Studies consists of 15 credits. This includes two required courses within the MCA Department: MCA 121: Introduction to Film Studies and MCA 221: Film History I. In addition, students must take three additional elective critical studies courses in MCA or other departments. Each term the Program Director will establish a list of accepted electives

These courses may include selections from Anthropology, Art, Asian Studies, Black Studies, Comparative Literature, English, Foreign Languages & Literature, History, Jewish Studies, Latin American & Latino Studies, Media & Communication Arts, Philosophy, and other disciplines.

Past courses have included, among many others:

  • Visual Anthropology
  • Japanese Film
  • Shakespeare on Film
  • Feminist Literature & Film
  • Post War Italian Cinema
  • The Holocaust & Film
  • Indian Cinema & Popular Culture
  • Film History II
  • Documentary Film
  • Film Noir
  • Science Fiction
  • Philosophy & Film

Suggested Course Sequence

Semester 1

MCA 121 Introduction to Film Studies  3 credits (offered every term)


Semester 2

MCA 221 Film History I  3 credits (offered fall semester only)


Semester 3

MCA 222 Film History II  3 credits (offered spring semester only)


Semester 4



Learning Outcomes

Students who Minor in Cinema Studies will be able to:

  1. Identify key developments in the history and aesthetics of film;
  2. Analyze the role of social, technological, and historical forces in the shaping of cinematic representation;
  3. Compare and contrast the classical Hollywood style of cinema and other Western and non-Western culturally specific models of cinema;
  4. Test popular notions of film history against scholarly concepts;
  5. Demonstrate visual and narrative literacy through film analysis skills;
  6. Practice critical thinking about the role of moving images in our society. 

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