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Bruce Podwal Seminar Series

Civil Engineering

Bruce Podwal Seminar Series

Date Seminars

Title: TBD

Speaker: TDB

Location & Time: Civil Engineering Conference Room (ST-105) @ 12 PM

November 6, 2018

Title: Application of fluid mechanics to environmental problems

Philip J. W. Roberts, Professor Emeritus, School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology

Location & Time: Civil Engineering Conference Room (ST-105) @ 12 PM

October 16, 2018

Title: Attacking Water ScarcityTreatment Considerations for the Implementation of Direct Potable Reuse

Dr. Russell Ford, Vice President & Global Solutions Director, Drinking Water and Reuse, Jacobs,

Location & Time: Civil Engineering Conference Room (ST-105) @ 12 PM

September 25, 2018

Title: Bayonne bridge navigational clearance program: Design and construction of approach structures 

Roger Haight, Vice President - Long Span Bridge Group Leader, Senior Technical Principal, WSP USA

Location & Time: Civil Engineering Conference Room (ST-105) @ 12 PM

April 18, 2018

Title: Responses and Performance of Asphalt Concrete Pavements from Heavy Vehicle Loads

Prof. Vincent Ogunro, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Location & Time: Civil Engineering Conference Room (ST-105) @ 12:15PM

March 7, 2017

Title:  Modeling Long Distance Travel in an Age of Global Mobility

Lisa Aultman-Hall, PhD

Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Vermont

Location & time: Civil Engineering Conference Room (ST-105) @ 12:00PM

February 16, 2017

Title:  Microplastics to Microbes: Case Studies of Emerging Contaminants

Professor Nicole Fahrenfeld

Rutgers University

Location & time: Civil Engineering Conference Room (ST-105) @ 12:00PM

November 15, 2016

Title:  Sustainable Water Initiative for Tomorrow (SWIFT)

Charles Bott, PhD

Director of Water Technology and Research, Hampton Roads Sanitation District

Location & time: Civil Engineering Conference Room (ST-105) @ 12:00PM

September 15, 2016

Title:  Transportation Workforce Development Challenges and Opportunities

Moges Ayele, PhD

Senior Liaison for Higher Education, Federal Highway Administration

Location & time: Civil Engineering Conference Room (ST-105) @ 12:00PM

April 21, 2016

Title:  Understanding the Mechanisms of Dewatering

Professor Matthew J. Higgins, Ph.D.

Bucknell University

Location & time: Shepard Hall, Room 207 @ 12:30PM

April 05, 2016

Title:  Using Automated Data Sources to Improve the Performance of Public Transport Systems: A Framework and Applications

Professor Nigel H.M. Wilson

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

March 08, 2016

Title: Understanding the variability and changes in hydrological extremes, their connections with large-scale climate, and implications on food and socio‐economy

Indrani Pal, PhD

Columbia Water Center, Columbia University

February 23, 2016

Title: Tangled Decisions: Supplying the Infrastructure We Ride On

Professor Joseph Berechman, PhD

Department of Economics, City College of New York

November 12, 2015

Title: Pervious Concrete Design

Liv Haselbach, Ph.D., P.E.

Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering Washington State University

March 24th, 2015

Title: Microbially-Induced Corrosion of Steel Piles

Steve Kaufman, P.E.

Parsons Brinckerhoff

March 3rd, 2015

Title: Implementing Emergency Foundation Repairs on I-495 in Delaware

Karen Armfield, P.E.


February 5th, 2015

Title: The Impact on Mode Choice of Activities Conducted while Commuting: Testing Transit-Advantage and Autonomous-Vehicle Scenarios

Professor Patricia L. Mokhtarian
Georgia Institute of Technology
(with Aliaksandr Malokin and Giovanni Circella)

November 4th, 2014

PhD Seminar

Jiang Yang, PhD student of Prof. Michel Ghosn

Jose Infante, PhD student of Prof. Reza Khanbilvardi

April 29th, 2014

Title: Factors and Mechanisms That Impact the Performance and Stability of Enhanced Biological Phosphorus Removal Process

April GU,PhD, Associate Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering Department' Northeastern University

April 8th, 2014

Title: Leveraging open data for measuring and optimizing  equity and efficiency in public transportation systems

Nicholas E. Lownes, PhD, PE
F.L. Castleman Associate Professor in Engineering Innovation,
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Director, Center for Transportation and Livable Systems,
University of Connecticut

February 18th, 2014

Title: Exploring the Counterintuitive Behaviour of Concrete

Dr.Zachary Grasley , Associate Professor

Virginia Tech

Note: unless otherwise noted, all event will be held at 12pm in the Steinman Hall Exhibit Room.


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