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The ANBryce Foundation's Commitment to Student Success

Colin Powell School for Civic and Global Leadership

The ANBryce Foundation's Commitment to Student Success

When the Colin Powell School asked our Board of Visitors to help us identify different avenues to student success, we had an opportunity to hear each member of our board detail their own success stories. 

One of those stories, shared with us by Ambassador Beatrice Welters, highlighted a youth-focused initiative that Welters and her husband, Anthony, both long-time supporters of Colin Powell School programs, established two decades ago. The ANBryce Foundation, founded in 1995 by Anthony and Beatrice, was created to cultivate youth from under-resourced communities and give them leadership training and professional support to help students realize their potential and go to work on developing a vision for the future.

Recently, students participating in the Colin Powell School's Semester in Washington program had a chance to visit with the staff of the ANBryce Foundation to learn more about their many enrichment programs, including their Saturday Institute, which focuses on improving math and reading comprehension; Student Adventures in Leadership (SAIL), a leadership program for ninth through twelfth grade high school students who learn how to become role models in their schools and communities; and the foundation's mentoring program, which brings together selected youth already involved in ANBRyce Foundation programs and places them with volunteer mentors focused on leadership development, career exploration, and academic excellence. 

During the visit, Colin Powell School students—many of whom are first-generation college students with the associated insight in how to face new challenges—spoke to a class of SAIL participants who are mentored by college students from George Washington University. They shared their own experiences in accessing college resources and advised on best practices in putting together a package of financial opportunities like scholarships, financial aid, and student engagement programs such as study abroad, student clubs and volunteer opportunities. Natalia Trujillo, assistant director of student programs for Public Service Management program, our Masters in Public Administration degree program, was excited to report that students from the Colin Powell School and George Washington University were already planning a networking mixer for later this year. 

The Colin Powell School for Civic and Global Leadership is still in its infancy, but as we mark our two-year anniversary this month, we are delighted to see that our programming is already making connections to the established programs of our closest supporters. We can't overstate the value of Colin Powell School supporters like the ANBryce Foundation as we make headway together in making college, and academic excellence therein, an accessible journey for generations of students to come.