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Colin Powell School Launches Scholarship Fund to Celebrate a Legacy

Colin Powell School for Civic and Global Leadership

Colin Powell School Launches Scholarship Fund to Celebrate a Legacy

Award will honor the late Distinguished Professor of Political Science Marshall Berman. 

Marshall Berman

This past September 11, Colin Powell School faculty member Marshall Berman, a distinguished professor of political science and a renowned political theorist, passed away at age 63. Now, to honor his legacy, the Colin Powell School has launched a scholarship fund in his name. The award, to be presented annually, will recognize the undergraduate student whose work in political theory or political philosophy is the most outstanding in the school that year. Political theory is a foundational subfield of political science.

“The students this award will honor are grappling with the most difficult of all complex debates in political sciences, questions such as what is the best form of government,” notes Bruce Cronin, chair of the Colin Powell School Department of Political Science. “They have a particular interest in the realm of political ideas and are doing exceptional work in this area.” 

The department currently offers a range of awards in the three other subfields of political science: American politics, international relations, and comparative politics. As yet, however, it does not have an award for political theory. The Marshall Berman Scholarship will fill this void. 

“Over the last decade, as the quality of political science students has improved, the more competitive these awards have become, so it is an incredible honor for our students to receive one. Many come to the awards ceremony with their families,” Cronin says. “And we're gratified to see how thrilled they are to be selected.” 

Providing a student scholarship in Berman’s name also recognizes him for the profound support he offered his students. Berman became both a mentor and a friend to many of his undergraduate and graduate students, and took a deep interest in their success.

A Bronx native, Berman joined the City College faculty in 1987, where he established himself as a humanist and social theorist. His bestseller, All That’s Solid Melts Into Air, is a multifaceted exploration of the experience of modernity, which has been translated into more than a dozen languages. His other books include The Politics of Authenticity and On The Town: A Hundred Years of Spectacle in Times Square. Berman served on the editorial board of Dissent magazine and contributed to publications such as the New York Times Book Review, the Nation, and New Politics. He was a noted champion for City College and was instrumental in establishing CCNY’s satellite campus, the Center for Worker Education. As CCNY President Lisa S. Coico noted in her statement to the City College community, “Professor Berman was an icon … who bridged generations of students and faculty members alike.”


To find out how to contribute to the Marshall Berman Scholarship fund, contact Dee Dee Mozeleski, director of development, Colin Powell School for Civic and Global Leadership.; 212-650-7396