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Campus and Community Service

Colin Powell School for Civic and Global Leadership

Campus and Community Service


Getting involved on campus is one of the most important things you can do to sustain and enrich our community. Students involved in campus activities develop long-lasting networks of faculty and peers that support them and support their goals. College activities can offer you an opportunity to learn (try Engineers without Borders), to give back (as they do in Let's Get Ready or the Peer Health Exchange) to speak up (see   Speak Up, Speak Out, or The Roosevelt Institute, CCNY Chapter), to get fit (try any one of CCNY's 19 sports teams), to find community (try the Black Student Union or the LGBT+ Open Alliance and Queer Student Union of The City College of New York) and much more (play Quiddich with the Flying Beavers).

There are more than 150 student clubs and activities, athletic teams, and service organizations offered by the college.  We encourage you to find your niche.  In the unlikely event that you can't find a club, activity, sport or group that supports your interests – we challenge you to start one (learn how). Our website will keep you updated on specific activities at the Colin Powell School.