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Involvement Conference 2014: Establishing Your Career

Colin Powell School for Civic and Global Leadership

Involvement Conference 2014: Establishing Your Career

involvement_cropA half-day conference and career fair for Colin Powell School students

Wednesday, March 12, 2014
Great Hall
2:00-5:00  p.m.


Join over 40 organizations and 40 industry professionals for this half-day conference to build your networks, explore careers, and map your future.

Last year, we unveiled the Involvement Conference 2013 with the theme, "Trending the Public Sector." We invited over twenty different nonprofits, fellowships, and organizations and twenty industry professionals to speak about their experiences connecting their work to the public sector. This year, the Colin Powell School for Civic and Global Leadership will center the theme around "Establishing Your Career," doubling the numbers of organizations and professionals to help meet your needs.

Breakout sessions (detailed below) focus on topics on communication, media, business, economics, politics, government, advocacy, sustainability, and more.

Mark your calendar for I|C 2014

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Session A: Community Development
Learn about how to build and bridge communities through developing partnerships, hosting events, and gathering people together.

Session B: Community Organizing
Focus on grassroots, on-the-ground, door-to-door development for neighborhood involvement and capacity building.

Session C: Economic Development
Learn about the impact of economic development through finance, credit unions, and accounting.

Session D: Education
Understand the challenges and best practices with college access and success, including mentorship, leadership, and additional resources for students.

Session E: Environmental Justice
Learn various strategies and community responses in going green and creating more sustainable communities.

Session F: Health Justice
Understand trending issues, challenges and best practices with organizations that work towards reducing and eliminating health disparities.

Session G: International Development
Focus on global perspectives in addressing development, service, and providing assistance to under-served communities and countries.

Session H: Policy and Advocacy
Learn about empowering communities, changing and affecting law and policy, and giving voice to the voiceless.

Session I: Social and Community Services
Understand how city organizations and agencies provide social services for the community, including housing, job placement, and additional resources.

Session J: Youth Development
Focus on the various support structures and resources for students, including arts programs,  sports activities, and out-of-school alternatives.