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Edward I. Koch Fellowship: Overview

Colin Powell School for Civic and Global Leadership

Edward I. Koch Fellowship: Overview

The Edward I. Koch Scholarship Program in Public Service


The Edward I. Koch Program in Public Service supports motivated students who devote 200 or more hours of service each year to nonprofit organizations and government agencies throughout New York City. Through the program, CCNY students can experience first-hand the challenges and rewards of working for the common good, interact with professionals in their chosen field of interest, and see how community organizations work to meet public needs. Additionally, Koch Scholars participate in workshops and discussions that enhance their ability to engage communities in meaningful ways and that provide opportunities for leadership development, reflection and engaged learning.
Koch Scholars perform a wide variety of services from translating between doctor and patient in hospital emergency rooms to assisting teachers in local elementary schools and providing meals at homeless shelters.  Each service assignment requires patience, energy, thoughtfulness, and persistence.  In all, since 2006, Koch Scholars have devoted more than 8,446 hours to service across the five boroughs.Mayor Ed Koch


The Koch Scholarship program is designed for civic-minded young people who show a commitment to volunteering and who demonstrate financial need. The program supports five students in each class for up to four years.


The Edward I. Koch Scholarship Program provides $5,000 of financial support to five students a year who show a commitment to community service through regular active volunteering. The scholarships, designed to cover tuition, books, and fees at CCNY, are renewable for three years. HOW IT WORKS The Koch Scholarship program begins in the fall with a welcoming orientation, which provides an opportunity for scholars to meet one a other and talk about their interests. Additionally, throughout the year, the program provides some professional-development training and training designed to encourage participants to think deeply about the connections among their service experiences, their personal and professional goals, and the lives of people who live beyond the walls of City College. Students may continue volunteering with an organization with which they have an established relationship or they may begin volunteering with a new organization or group. The Center can assist Koch Scholars find volunteer placements. Scholars log their service hours quarterly through our online timesheet. All Scholars will be provided with a log–in and password in order to access the site, update their hours, and submit them to the program staff.


Former Mayor of New York City, Edward I. Koch is an American lawyer, politician, and political commentator who was a United States Congressman from 1969 to 1977, and a three-term Mayor of New York City, from 1978 to 1989. He is a graduate of the CCNY class of 1945 and devoted his life and career to public service in New York City, New York State and throughout the United States. The Edward I. Koch Scholarship in Public Service, named in his honor, recognizes CCNY students who are committed to civic engagement, public service and community leadership.



The Koch Scholarship Program will:

″    Make it financially feasible for high-achieving students at City College to experience the rewards that can come from performing public service.
″    Provide opportunities for these students to work at a variety of nonprofit organization, or a government, community, or educational entity.
″    Reward and encourage civic-minded young people by underwriting their City College education for the years they are involved in the program.
″    Encourage some of City College's best students to consider devoting additional time—or even their careers—to public service-oriented work.
″    Provide a benefit (in the form of volunteer workers) for educational, non-profit and government-based organizations that cannot afford to pay for interns or service aids.


1.    Five Koch Scholarship are awarded each year to incoming freshmen. These scholarships are renewable to students who remain eligible to stay in the program. Occasionally, openings become available for upperclassmen when a current Koch scholar leaves the program.
2.    High-achieving students from the CUNY Honors College, the CCNY Honors Program, the City College Schools of Engineering, Architecture, Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education, and the College of Liberal Arts are eligible to apply. Applicants must be citizens or permanent residents.
3.    Students must have and maintain a grade point average of 3.2 or higher.
4.    Applicants must write an essay describing the reason they wish to perform public service and their past public service experiences.


1.    Public service enhances students' educational experience at CCNY.
2.    Time spent on the projects, while important, should not detract from a student's primary focus of his or her studies, but  enrich them.


1.    To help students pursue their goal of public service, the Koch Public Service Scholars will receive support equal to $5,000 a year.
2.    The Koch Scholarships will be used to pay for the educational expenses of the Koch Public Service Scholars while they are attending City College.
3.    The Koch Public Service Scholars Program will enhance the retention and graduation rate of some of CCNY's most promising students by meeting their tuition and other expenses, allowing them to concentrate on their studies and spend time outside of class at meaningful public service work.
4.    Students will be assigned to a faculty adviser while they are Koch Scholars. They will meet regularly with these advisers both individually and as a group. The adviser will help his or her students
o    become oriented to their new working culture
o    balance their public service work with class work
o    address other concerns and questions that may arise during the course of the year.