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Meet Ana Escrogima, Incoming Diplomat in Residence

Colin Powell School for Civic and Global Leadership

Meet Ana Escrogima, Incoming Diplomat in Residence

Ana Escrogima

For just over a decade, the City College of New York has held a privileged position among New York-area universities by hosting the Diplomat in Residence (DIR). Sponsored by the Department of State, the DIR spends two years on campus imparting their specific knowledge and experience as foreign service officers to students interested in foreign or civil service jobs, as well as various fellowships and internships through the State Department. 

In addition to meeting with students for one-on-one advising and hosting informational sessions in the NY region (CT, NY, NJ, PA), the DIR also teaches a masters level class on foreign diplomacy exclusively through the Colin Powell School’s International Relations program. 

This August, we say goodbye to our last DIR, Patricia Guy, who served us well, and hello to Ana Escrogima, our incoming DIR. Escrogima most recently served as Deputy Director for Syria in the Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs, and has served 11 years as a Foreign Service officer. Here she introduces herself to the CCNY community, talks a bit about her foreign service career, and her new role as Diplomat in Residence.

Where are you from?

I was born and raised in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. 

How did you come to work in the Foreign Service? Can you talk about your path to becoming the New York Metro Diplomat in Residence at City College?
Actually, my parents are CUNY alumni: they met at Lehman College in the Bronx in the late 70s! They both went on to take jobs working for the City of New York. I was always inspired by their service to the community and their passion for their children's education. I learned about the Pickering Foreign Affairs program in 1998 as an International Affairs major at Brown University. My parents had asked what I planned to do with that focus, and here was an ideal opportunity to pursue both graduate studies and a career with the Foreign Service. It was a win-win: I got to follow my passion, work on policy and explore the world, and my parents were reassured that I'd have career stability. 
Where has your career with the Foreign Service taken you? 
Just before my selection as a DIR, I managed a team of foreign and civil service officers working in Syria. Our team provided policy advice to senior government officials, engaged with the Syrian opposition in Turkey and other locations where they are concentrated, and with the closure of a U.S. Embassy in Damascus in 2012, we oversaw many of the functions the embassy normally would. My prior assignments include serving as an advisor to Undersecretary for Political Affairs Wendy Sherman on Iran and Middle East issues, as the Deputy Director of the Office of Press and Public Diplomacy in the Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs, and overseas assignments as an Arabic language spokesperson in Dubai, a political officer in Baghdad, and other assignments in Damascus and Tunis.
What can students gain from working in the Foreign Service?  
Students gain the opportunity to pursue a career as the face of America to the world. Whether you are serving in Washington, D.C. where policies are made or on the front lines in our missions overseas, your contribution makes a difference. It is a career that is always evolving and changing, which keeps you on your toes!   
How does the Diplomat in Residence serve students at the Colin Powell School and at CCNY?
I serve as a resource for the campus community on careers with the State Department—in the Foreign Service, Civil Service, and on internships, exchanges, and fellowship opportunities. It's a top priority for the State Department to expand the diversity of its ranks to reflect the broad spectrum of American society—and as a Diplomat in Residence, it is my number one mission to connect with as many people from diverse backgrounds as possible and spread the word about exciting career opportunities. As an institution dedicated to inspiring leadership, excellence, and opportunity for all, CCNY is the ideal place to be based.  It is also a particular honor for me to serve as a member of the Colin Powell School team. Not only is General Powell an outstanding diplomat and inspiring leader, as Secretary of State he made a point to focus on the importance of diversity among our ranks at the State Department, and to make sure the staff had the tools and training we needed to succeed.
For more information about the Diplomat in Residence program, visit the State Department website, connect on Facebook, or contact the International Relations program