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Student Organizations

Colin Powell School for Civic and Global Leadership

Student Organizations

Economics Business and Finance Society


The City College of New York Economics, Business and Finance Society (EBFS) consists of a group of motivated students who submerge themselves in the current economic, business and financial events happening around the globe. By studying the current trends of corporations, financial institutions and governments worldwide we commit ourselves to the understanding of the complex dynamics of the global economy. Moreover, the EBFS has a responsibility and commitment to it's members, generating relationships and networking opportunities with CCNY alumni, providing society members with a competitive advantage so they may reach the peak of their capabilities.



The Government and Law Society


The Government and Law Society aims to promote political discourse and awareness throughout the City College of New York campus, and in the same vain, inspire City College of New York students to discover, embrace, and advance the principles and virtues that make America free and prosperous.  The Government and Law Society is an undergraduate student organization, initially sponsored by CCNY's Department of Political Science and the Intercollegiate Studies Institute (ISI), and now, CCNY's Office of Student Life and Undergraduate Student Government. The Government and Law Society seeks to encourage and strengthen awareness of the law as it relates to the State, government institutions, the political process, and the polity as a whole. To this end, the Society organizes events and brings in a diverse array of guest speakers so as to foster the academic, intellectual, and professional goals of Society members and the CCNY student body as a whole. In accordance with the guidelines of our Constitution, the board members are committed to maintaining the high profile of the Government and Law Society.



The Psychology Student Association


The Psychology Student Association (PSA), more commonly referred to as the CCNY Psychology Club, is a student-run organization composed of undergraduates who have an interest in the discipline of psychology, who have declared psychology as their academic major or minor, or who joined the organization as a means to further enrich their academic experience at the City College of New York. The PSA strives to provide members with a variety of opportunities to expand their knowledge of psychology as a study of human behavior, cognitions, and emotions; to engage with their peers, professors, and community in conversations that broaden their understanding of psychology as a discipline that is apparent in all areas of life; to inform students of various career and research opportunities available as undergraduate students, future graduate students, and when searching for future employment; and to allow members to become involved within their peers in a variety of activities that will foster personal and intellectual growth. The PSA welcomes all students to join if they have any interest in psychology, seek support during their academic careers, or would like to contribute to the CCNY community.



The Student Association for International Studies


SAIS (the Student Association for International Studies) is one of the dozens of acronyms used in the International Studies program. We are commonly refereed to as the International Studies Club or "IS Club" also, but despite the name changes, we are one in the same. The goal of SAIS is to connect all International Studies majors and other like-minded students at City College to come together and connect though opportunities, discussion sessions, volunteering, and events. The meetings are held in NAC 6/293 every Thursday during club hours unless stated otherwise.