Spring 2021 Course Information

Biology: Class number: BIO 10004   Credits: 3             
Days: Saturday     

A course for non-science majors that emphasizes the function of the human body. Medical issues relating to personal and community health, as well as ethical issues will be discussed. 

Ideas of Physics: Class number: PHYS 10000       Credits: 3       
Days: Saturday


An introductory survey course in general physics, where you will have ample opportunities to improve your critical thinking and problem solving skills through analyzing real world situations. The fundamentals of physics will be explored in a student learning environment.


Freshman Composition:    Class number: ENGL 11000      Credits: 3       
Days: Saturday or Monday and Friday

Students will develop strategies for reading, drafting, collaborating, revising and editing. They will explore and analyze, in
writing and reading a variety of genres and rhetorical situations.


Applications of Psychology in the Modern World: Class number: PSY 10200    Credits: 3              
Days: Saturday or    Wednesday and Thursday                

An introduction to the study of human development and learning, personality and motivation, sex differences, attitudes, aggressions, interpersonal attraction, behavior in groups and work settings, abnormal behavior and its treatment.  Emphasis on the ways in which psychological theory and research can be applied to individual and social problems.